Ranting ranting

can l dm you about it?

Sureeee sounds good!!

see there sharing again. See counsellor this week. Tell da listeners. Share this week share abt 2 yrs journey reflection. Such ppl.
He will share. Then da listeners will ask will…LOL.
His story of…how becum his counsellor.
His counsellor wasnt on duty. So that counsellor was there.then stuff happened. Then decided he shld be his counsellor.

Got my reasons why i say this. Do not judge. Do not response.

There are many kinds of pple. Lets name him A. He shared again he meeting ppl for one last time. He share he said goodbye to everyone. His plan early may. Then he change. He say next week. Lets see if after next week still there or not. Say until like these…like…how come ppl allowed to share such things. Such pple.
Then he like…friend friend with another person. Theycan just dm each other but they dun want. They spam everyday on different channels. BLEHHHH…WHEEEEE…Seriously sia…
Then they both wan talk to each other. One talking here tag him. One talking there tag the other. Seriously sia. Dm each other…spam n spam the channels irritating sia. Such ppl.
Then he want talk to da listeners. Ping them even when hvnt reach da time. Everyday ping. Lor. He got use other resources. Got counsellor therapist.
Such ppl. Then he even tell the other time to say goodbye to listener. He own time hvnt up want say goodbye then even tell ppl say goodbye.such ppl lor. Come disturb listeners only.
Such ppl

Then another person lets call him c. He always ask listeners cut n unalive. Listeners always hv to be patient with him. He even said new sharpies. He wan cut just cut. Everytime he ask he cut. Ask for wad.he got 2 counsellors. He said he is high risk? His counsellor let him always ask listners cut. Irritating. Such ppl. Listeners always reply him. He say he dun get attention so he"misbehave"? But he got 2 counsellor. And even aother professional. Then he always there talking to listeners.
And then ya know…some ppl “misbehave” also wun get attention one. Such pple. His parents e even buy him iphone just cos fomo. Such ppl. He can even ask.his counsellor wat casings to get??? Such ppl. He dun deserve da the counsellors listneners. He uses other resources too.such ppl.
They say those things got their reasons. I say these things also got my reasons. Do not judge.
These r my rants. Do not response.

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Yoyo I got read de~ just my replies a bit slow🙏🏼 the posts not I combine one, how to even do that? Haha
Actually I think hor some ppl will reach out for help and seek opinions from different ppl because that’s their way of asking for help yknow, and I feel it’s better than if something bad were to really happen to him… maybe sometimes really will feel a bit unfair but there’s no need to compare with that person right? Why do u think you’re so affected by this situation? :thinking:

so sorry say u combine. sorry.
got reasons. They can.but others cannot yknow. Why different people. Why they dserve. Happen to him then happen to him. He dserve that then?

U dun understand. Nvm. Got reasons affected…
Dun think of just them. What about me???

Don’t worry abt it, no need sorry!
When someone reach out for help, I think they will then receive what they ask for. Supporters and counsellors support when they know the other person is open for it.
Are you open to talking to counsellors or peer supporters abt your concerns? If yes, then you will also be supported!! There is more than enough help, support and care to go around, you deserve them too!

Such people. He shared"just let him die honestly" he hoped he nvr wake but lets see…
HONESTLY he share such things to listeners. Does he even think listeners will let him die honestly lol. Share such things. He knows his counsellor will know lol n he still shared. Then each time again n again hr still there. Nvr die. Then his counsellor… contact him after working hrs to talk to him. Eeeyer. He share such things so…
He shared nth new also. Honestly wan die just die share for what. Wan people to stop him lor. Wan ppl concerned for him lor. Share those things. Such people. Wun die one. Each time after that still there. Eeeyer. Such people. Nvr die.
Then those ppl rlly in need cos of him…
Such people. Share those things. But nvr die.

Then da next day, he didnt die. He still wan share he didnt die. Seriously. Whats in their head. Share those things then share he didnt die. Lor. Of coz he didnt die lol. The listeners wun let him die lor. Seriously sia… each time he shared, he wun die cos he wan be stopped lor.

Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Coz these people… Listeners dun hv time to talk those rlly in need…
These people misuse…just cos the listeners are there so they wan disturb. They got counsellors psychologists. They just want share those things.
Eeeyer. Eeeyer. Then the listeners havent go. They dun wan talk alr, say bye to the listeners.
Eeeyer. They just wan disturb. Those ppl rlly in need cos of these ppl dun get to talk to the listeners.
Eeyer. Eeyer.such people. Why such people.
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response

Whats wrong with these ppl. They talk to 2 listeners. 1 not enuff.2.
They so selfish. Talk to many people. Such people. Eeeyer. Eeeyer.
One shared he want keep it as private as possible. Then just share there. Say here. Just talk there.lor.
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Eeeyer. So change then still here. Cos change again. Become end of this mth. Lets see then. End of the mth still here or not. Such people. LOL

He say he do stupid things. Share such things for what. Such people. Want people…abt him lol. Whats in their mind say such things to ppl. Pple will think…but it isnt. Because the listeners r there so he just share lol. Then after that do stupid things but talk to listeners again n again.LOL. Such people. Then listeners talk to him.
Then like…listeners ask him if he need…he say he dun need lol. Such people. See just cos listeners are there they wan disturb only. They dun desrve listeners. Listeners wan go…they like cannot disturb liao…then listeners even say they"considerate"???
He just want disturb LOL. Like listeners hv to go so oh dun disturb. Lol. Then even ask if got other listeners so he can disturb. Eeeyer. Such people. Eeeyer.
They use other resources also. But there keep disturb listeners.they got psych counsellor. They keep disturb listeners just cos listeners there lol.
Such people. Eeeyer. Then listners talk to them. Eeeyer
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Eeeyer. Such people. Disturb one listener not enuff. Ping another listener disturb. Eeeyer. Such people. Disturb disturb. Cos listeners there so disturb. Cos of them ppl rlly in need dun get to talk to listeners. Such people.
He ping listeners not enough. Even ping another user to disturb the listeners. Seriously such people!!! Whats wrong with them!!! Cos of them so ppl rlly in need…
He ownself disturb not enough. Disturb 2 listeners not enuff. Ping another user to come disturb misuse the listeners. He dun dserve listeners. He dun dserve. Faster end of mth so he wun disturb the listeners anymoar.
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Such people. He share he want od od. Swallow/gobble pills. Lor. Share for what. He know his counsellor can see or ppl inform his counsellorThen he be stopped. Then he wun die one. But he still share. He share wad nvr wake…see…but then each time after he still there.
Then ppl still wan concerned each time these ppl
Eeyer. Cry wolf. LOL. Wun die one. OD how many times alr. Share such things for wad. He wan be stopped from dying lor. So he shared.
Eeyer. Wun die one. He share such things. Then listeners hv to talk to him. Eeeyer. He dun dserve listeners lor. Then those rlly in need…cos of him…
Such people. Wun die. Tmr next week still here. LOL. These ppl just misuse. Cos listeners there. Just share these things cos listeners there. Wun die one. If he rlly want die, wun share such things.
Such people…eeyer
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Sickening. Ownself disturb listeners not enough. Ping other ppl to disturb also. Such pple. Just want disturb!! They 2 frens frens disturb each other not enough disturb listener also!!! Such people. Then listeners hv to entertain both of them. Such people. They wun even stop. Got ppl in need but becos of such ppl…
The listeners alr entertain one of them. Cos he go ping another person.listeners hv to entertain another person also.
Such people. Losers.
Such people. Eeyer. Faster end of da mth so hr wun be here anymore n wun disturb listeners.
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Honestly…such people. A person who has wanted die since last yr lived till this year and even shared ohhh he got a part time diploma after his ite and internship.
He was there misusing…saying all those things wasting listeners time. And this yr he is still here. He even apply for JPAE and EAE. But cannot but got part time diploma. Why he shared lor. Such people. He said such things to ppl also. Then he still share these things. Honestly such people!
So he wun die. LOL. Still there sharing those things to listeners n listeners have to talk to him.
Such people. Say wan die wan die still…share these things. Say he is not even kidding he want die but oh he still share he go get a part time diploma!!! Such people. Share such things!!
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Annoying pple. Irritating ppl. Cos of them. Ppl rlly in need… they are just there to disturb listeners. Say its time to say bye to listeners. They dun even nid to talk to listeners one. Irritating ppl. Annoying. They share all those just cos listeners are there. Then they take priority over others. Eeeyer. They…then they talk to listeners. If listeners arent even there. They wun share those lor. Eeeyer. Then listeners bother abt them eeeyer. Talk to them. Such people. Eeeyer. Just becos they share such things. They dun dserve listeners.they dun dserve. They alr got psych counsellors or whatever resources they use lor. Share those things just cos listeners are there. Eeeyer.
Such ppl. Then listener talk bother abt them. Eeyer. Such ppl.
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Annoying af. This person share abt those things. Say bad things abt his classmates. He bullshit abt his classmates. Whoever is his classmates is…cos he there talking bad abt this classmates. Then he shared his music. Still wan humble or what. Such people. Share with listeners these things. He also. Just want disturb listeners only cos listeners there. Disturb n disturb. Eeyer. Such people. He dun even wan talk to listeners one. Ping listeners then he nvr response alr. He play games. Dun even need to talk one. But listeners talk to him. Entertain him. Such people. Eeyer.
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Eeeyer. Such people. Disturb one listener not enough. Ping another listener also why they wan many ppl attention. Others ppl need also. Take away from others. So selfish. Then ping ping. The listener also dk what he saying alr. Then he get it. He straight away ping there can alr. Ping 2 places for what. Such ppl. Annoying ppl. Irritating ppl. Such ppl. Disturb one listener not enough. Disturb another. Then tmr disturb again. Faster end of mth…then he…then he wun disturb listeners alr. Such ppl.
Eeyer such people. Annoying af. Disturb disturb. Then listeners hv to entertain them.
Such people. Then listeners let them disturb also Such people.
Got psych got counsellor then disturb. Then other ppl rlly in need cos of them dun hv. Eeeyer. Such people.
Got reasons why i say these. Do not judge. Do not response.

Eeeyer did someone flag my post??? Damn!!! Just ranting and people flag! Whats wrong with people!!!