Why why why who can tell me why

Don’t know why E toilet those ppl always so kpo like to keep staring and looking at the bottom (coz can see the shadow of what ppl is doing inside) of the close down toilet and kpo about what the one inside is doing???

Than when ppl come out and you give that dirty look to ppl!!!

I thought everyone go toilet is the doing the same biz… And why there is a need to roll eye and give dirty look to ppl???

Don’t understand what is there to kpo about what people is doing inside toilet, what else can U be inside doing?

Tried to look at those shadow what they doing inside but I think that there is nothing nice looking at those shadow and can’t even tell just that move what can it be…

I think Im not pipin TM that why I dun understand and don’t find any meaning or purpose by doing this kind of stuff…