Data Protection Policy

  1. let’s talk by (“let’s talk” or the “forums”) is made available to you by MOH OFFICE FOR HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION PTE LTD (“MOHT”).

  2. let’s talk tracks users based on sign-in status:

  • non-login/ non-registered: The site tracks your usage of the website via your IP address. The tracked information allows let’s talk to understand anonymised usage patterns.
  • logged in: The site tracks your usage of the website via your registered User ID. The information is used to create and provide you with a more personalised experience.
  1. To ensure your privacy, you have the option to take any of these additional measures:
  • browse in incognito mode. All browser’s cache and cookies will be cleared upon browser window closing and all your previous visits or any site preferences will be deleted.
  • use VPN access gateway to mask your device IP address.
  • use 2FA authentication. This is highly encouraged to further secure your account from unauthorised access.
  • use anonymous mode feature on let’s talk when posting sensitive topics that you do not wish to be linked to your current account.
  1. The site may also log additional information from your usage such as internet browser type and device type, etc.

  2. Every user will be required to provide an email address in order to facilitate account registration. Save for email addresses, no other identifiable data will be collected by MOHT from users when participating in the forums. We wish to inform that email addresses collected will be stored in servers hosted outside of Singapore. In the event of refusal by any user to provide a valid email address and/or to have the same stored in the said servers for purposes of registration, said user will not be able to access the forums. If you feel strongly that your access to the forums should not have been denied, you may write to:

  3. You are not required to provide and let’s talk does not collect any data that may identify you. While you have the option to enter user information under the profile setting (e.g., username), you are instructed to refrain from providing any information that could identify you. User information provided by users are stored in the let’s talk server for the purpose of maintaining continuity of sessions and storing user’s preferred customisation.

  4. Users may delete their own account at any time. To delete account, click on your profile picture on the top right of let’s talk, select Settings, and click Delete My Account, then confirm account deletion. Account deletion is permanent and irreversible. When a user deletes an account, the email address and user information are also deleted. Account deletion is permanent and irreversible. The deletion of user account does not delete contents posted on the forums; such posted contents will merely become disassociated with a specific user (i.e., the contents remain visible but users cannot identify where the contents originated from). To delete specific content, please do so before deleting your account.

  5. To edit or delete contents on the forums, users may edit or delete the posted contents by using the editing tools associated with the contents.

  6. From time to time, anonymous statistical data may be collected to ascertain how users respond to the platform, including analytics usage relating to links at the forums to other related contents and materials.

  7. To perform our functions, MOHT and our affiliates may, to the extent permitted by law, collect and retain statistical data to effectively deliver services to the public and to facilitate seamless communications across the healthcare sector. For your information, MOHT’s business operations include research and services enhancements, security and risks management, legal and regulatory compliance, corporate governance, management of marketing campaigns management, etc

  8. Statistical data collected may be shared with the Ministry of Health, regulatory authorities for healthcare professionals, statutory bodies, and public agencies for the purpose of complying with applicable policies, directives, and other requirements. Summary and aggregated data may also be submitted for publication in scientific journals.

  9. MOHT may also share statistical data collected with MOHT’s partners performing data processing services in support of MOHT’s various programmes for the Singapore healthcare sector, which may include research partner organisations in and outside of Singapore.

  10. Appropriate security technologies have been implemented by MOHT to safeguard the electronic storage and transmission of statistical data. Statistical data collected may be retained, as may be necessary and required for legal and business purposes.

  11. let’s talk may contain links to third-party websites, materials, and/or services and their data protection and privacy practices may vary from MOHT’s policies and practices. MOHT takes no responsibility for the content and privacy practices of such other websites and you are encouraged to read the privacy notices of those sites. Once you click on the third-party links, you will be directed to the third-party’s websites, materials, and/or services. Please note that MOHT does not manage or control these third-party sites and assumes no responsibility for the policies, contents, services, and materials found on such third-party websites. MOHT shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any damage or loss arising from your access to or use of those third-party websites, materials, and/or services. Your use of the links and access to those websites, materials, and/or services are entirely at your own risk.

  12. For optimised site use and much improved user experience, uses Google Analytics version 4 (GA4) at the page level for visitor statistics aggregation. If you wish to know more about Google privacy and terms, you may visit:

  13. GA4 is disabled specifically for pages containing contents of sensitive nature. For instance, ‘Ask a Therapist’ category is not tracked by GA4. We wish to inform that while MOHT is working towards protecting the privacy of all users, MOHT is unable to prevent GA4 from tracking page visits as such activities are not within MOHT’s control. Users have the option to completely disable GA4 tracking by installing a browser plug-in with blocking function, for example: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page

  14. let’s talk uses pixels to track usage resulting from third-party advertising sites. We wish to inform that third-party advertisers may learn about your usage of certain pages within let’s talk.

  15. From time to time, we update our Data Protection Policy for clarity and for your easier reference on how we handle the information you share when visiting the forums. The policy appearing on this page is the latest version. MOHT will notify all users of the changes so you can review and understand the updates.