Data Protection Policy

  1. Let’s Talk by mindline (“Let’s Talk by mindline” or the “forums”) is made available to you by MOH OFFICE FOR HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION PTE LTD (“MOHT”).

  2. MOHT may use “cookies” where a small data file is sent to your browser to store and track information about you when you enter MOHT’s websites or participate in the forums. These cookies are used to track information such as the number of users, frequency of use, profiles of users, and their preferred sites. While these cookies can indicate the time users would enter MOHT’s sites and the pages the users visit, the cookies have no ability to read data off your hard disk.

  3. Users can choose to accept or decline cookies. While most web browsers automatically accept cookies, users of the forums are able to modify the browser settings to decline cookies, if this is what is preferred. This action may however, prevent users from enjoying full advantage of the forums.

  4. For the avoidance of doubt, this policy is not intended to supersede or replace any consent previously provided to MOHT.

  5. No data, which could enable identification of any user participating in the forums will be collected by MOHT, save for email address every user will be required to provide upon account registration, which will be stored in servers hosted outside of Singapore. In the event of refusal by any user to provide a valid email address and/or to have the same stored in the said servers for purposes of registration, said user will not be granted access to the forums. If you feel strongly that your access to the forums should not have been denied, you may write to

  6. While users can opt to provide user information such as nickname, age group, mood, and topic(s) of interest, users are instructed not to provide any identifiable information. User information provided by users may be stored in the users’ devices only for the purpose of maintaining continuity of sessions but will not be transmitted outside the users’ devices.

  7. From time to time, statistical data (the “Statistical Data”) may be collected to ascertain how anonymous users respond to the platform, including analytics usage relating to links at the forums to other related contents and materials.

  8. In line with MOHT’s business operations, MOHT (including its related corporations, subsidiaries, affiliates, and associated companies) may, as may be necessary and to the extent permitted by law, collect and retain Statistical Data towards smooth delivery of services and to facilitate effective communications across the public and private healthcare sectors. MOHT’s business operations may include but may not necessarily be limited to:

  • Day-to-day business and administrative operations
  • Research and services enhancement
  • Corporate governance (including internal and company audits) and policy reviews
  • Security and risk management
  • Legal and regulatory requirements (including providing assistance to law enforcement, judicial, and other government agencies)
  • Administration and management of relevant relationships for the conduct and furtherance of MOHT’s business operations
  • Facilitating communications with individuals in connection with services provided by MOHT
  • Any other analogous purposes
  1. Statistical Data may be shared with the Ministry of Health, relevant regulatory authority for healthcare professionals, and other statutory bodies and public agencies for the purpose of complying with their respective requirements, policies, and directives.

  2. Statistical Data may also be shared with MOHT’s partners performing data processing services in support of MOHT’s various programmes for the Singapore healthcare sector, which may include research partner organisations in and outside of Singapore.

  3. Appropriate security technologies have been implemented by MOHT to safeguard the electronic storage and transmission of Statistical Data.

  4. Statistical Data may be retained for the appropriate duration as may be required for MOHT’s legal and business requirements.

  5. Let’s Talk by mindline may contain links to third party websites and related contents and materials, which may be governed by different data protection and privacy practices. Users shall be solely responsible for complying with the relevant data protection and privacy practices for the users’ access to and use of such other websites and related contents and materials. Users are encouraged to consult the relevant data protection and privacy notices upon visiting such websites and using related contents and materials. Upon accessing such third party websites, MOHT has no control over the users’ access and use of the contents and materials. MOHT shall have no responsibility for any damage or loss howsoever arising from the users’ access to or use of such third party websites and related contents and materials. Users’ access to such third party websites and related contents and materials shall be entirely at the users’ sole risk.

  6. MOHT reserves the right to update this data protection policy from time to time as MOHT may deem appropriate. The policy appearing on this page is the latest version. All updates will be published on this page to ensure that all users of the forums are at all times, made aware of how MOHT safeguards data.