ADHD: A 360 degree perspective

ADHD: A 360 degree perspective

:memo: Insights into assessment, management, clinical case studies, lived experience and the Unlocking ADHD story

:tada: Join us for “Unlocking ADHD” :brain: – an insightful panel discussion with an educational psychologist, shedding light on ADHD. Discover our pivotal role in the ADHD sector and engage in a vibrant sharing session. Have burning questions? Don’t miss our Q&A segment! :speaking_head:

:date: Date: 19 Aug 23’

:alarm_clock: Time: 10.30am to 12pm

:round_pushpin: Location: Zoom

:star2: Attention undergrads! :star2:

Explore intern, work, or volunteer opportunities with flexible projects. Be part of our mission to make a difference! :handshake:

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