How can I spend more less impulsively?

I’ve been doing great so far in my spendings, however before that, I was so close to going broke. Impulsive spending can really be dangerous and scary


Dear @imyanaocampo,

Thank you for sharing your personal challenges with spending, as well as your experiences and wisdom about the dangers and negative emotions associated with impulsive spending.

I would like to congratulate you on overcoming your hurdles in impulse spending, and thank you for wanting to share your experiences with others who may be currently suffering from them.

As to further methods on how to better manage impulse spending, I would very much like to quote what @HeiHei has posted in a similar page as it is excellent advise:

Once again, thank you very much for bringing us awareness about impulse spending and the dangers and negative experiences it carries.

Warmth and Kindness,