[Open Call] Volunteers needed for let’s talk media announcement

Hi let’s talk community,

let’s talk is scheduled for an official public release in February, and we will be releasing a press release to formally announce the launch!

In the press release, we hope to showcase your experiences as let’s talk users, detailing your journey with the platform and how it has supported you. We believe that your stories can help raise awareness of let’s talk, and contribute to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging others to seek support on the platform.

If you are willing to come forward, either to share your story in the press release or to be interviewed, kindly reach out to cheryl.lee@moht.com.sg. We understand that mental health is still a very sensitive and personal topic, and that not everyone may feel comfortable openly sharing about their experiences. Hence, we’ll like to assure you that you can contribute your stories anonymously and opt for anonymous phone interviews.

Thank you for being part of the let’s talk community, and we look forward to your participation!

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