Volunteering this Christmas

Hi everyone!

It’s Christmas season soon (or end of the year if you don’t celebrate Christmas), and we know that many people unfortunately don’t have the privilege of spending time with someone during festive periods or celebratory seasons.

If you feel like you’re up for it, here’s a list of places that you can volunteer and invest some time into someone’s life :slight_smile: Try it out and let us know about your experiences!

  1. Lions Befrienders:
  • Engage with seniors in active aging centers.
  • Options include befriending, medical assistance, and facilitating activities.
  1. Metta Welfare Association:
  • Support children with learning difficulties and adults with disabilities.
  • Contribute through monthly donations or offer your skills in various programs.
  1. Daughters Of Tomorrow:
  • Empower underprivileged women by providing workplace skills and job opportunities.
  • Volunteer roles include community outreach, organizing job tours, and program facilitation.
  1. APSN (Association for Persons with Special Needs):
  • Assist individuals with mild intellectual disabilities through engagement sessions.
  • Volunteer in activities like art and crafts, outings, and storytelling.
  1. Ronald McDonald House Charities:
  • Support families of hospitalized children by volunteering.
  • Directly contribute to the well-being of families staying close to their ill children.
  1. Giving.sg:
  • Numerous volunteer opportunities for all ages.
  • Join monthly food distribution or become a medical escort for seniors.
  1. Trash Hero Singapore:
  • Be a trash hero by cleaning up beaches in Singapore.
  • Learn about the impact of pollution and promote a waste-free community.
  1. Habitat for Humanity:
  • Volunteer for Project HomeWorks, creating stable homes for the less fortunate.
  • Join the UnLitter Red Dot program for neighborhood clean-ups.
  1. Ray of Hope:
  • Contribute to individuals in need through crowdfunding.
  • Verified beneficiaries ensure donations are used appropriately.
  1. Art:Dis Singapore:
  • Volunteer to teach art classes or support disabled artists in various activities.
  • Share your skills through workshops and exhibitions.
  1. Riding for the Disabled Association Singapore:
  • Provide horse-riding therapy to physically and mentally challenged individuals.
  • On-the-job training provided for volunteers above 16.
  1. Action for AIDS:
  • Challenge the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS in Singapore.
  • Volunteer for outreach programs and testing services.
  1. Beyond Social Services:
  • Break the poverty cycle for underprivileged children and youth.
  • Volunteer in various capacities, from running activities to providing a listening ear.
  1. Touch Community Services:
  • Serve the elderly, people with special needs, or those with disabilities.
  • Volunteer opportunities include accompanying the elderly and delivering meals.
  1. Movement For The Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (Minds):
  • Empower people with intellectual disabilities through volunteering.
  • Offer employment opportunities or donate pre-loved items to its thrift shop.
  1. Singapore Red Cross Society:
  • Support humanitarian causes through various volunteer roles.
  • Help with fundraising, administrative work, logistics, and event support.
  1. Yellow Ribbon Singapore:
  • Fight the stigma associated with ex-offenders by volunteering or donating.
  • Register as an employer to provide job opportunities.
  1. Willing Hearts:
  • Volunteer at the soup kitchen by preparing meals for a good cause.
  • Open daily to welcome volunteers interested in cooking and helping.
  1. Salvation Army:
  • Get involved in fundraising campaigns or donation drives.
  • Opportunities include sponsoring a child or participating in kettle bell-ringing during Christmas.
  1. Food from the Heart:
  • Donate meals to the needy and join the Bread Run to distribute bread.
  • Organize food donation drives or host fundraising campaigns.
  1. Asian Women’s Welfare Association (Awwa):
  • Contribute to the community by working with the elderly, children with special needs, or as a facilitator.
  1. SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals):
  • Volunteer roles available for animal lovers.
  • Support 24-hour emergency rescue, foster care, and educational initiatives.
  1. Make A Wish Foundation:
  • Grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.
  • Volunteer as a Wish Granter or assist with administrative work.
  1. Aware (Association of Women for Action and Research):
  • Volunteer for gender equality advocacy.
  • Utilize skills in areas like legal support, writing, and graphic design.
  1. Oogachaga:
  • Volunteer to support the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Join counseling teams through hotline, Whatsapp, or email.

Practical Stuff: Do Good and Declutter - Donate Clothes in SG

  1. Club Rainbow:
  • Bring joy to terminally ill children through donations or volunteering.
  • Act as a mentor for kids and support fundraising events.
  1. Acres (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society):
  • Contribute to animal welfare through rescue missions and daily tasks.
  • Support the organization’s focus on wildlife protection and community outreach.
  1. Love Kuching Project:
  • Uplift terminally ill kids through donations or volunteer commitments.
  • Act as a mentor and contribute to various fundraising events and support programs.