Dear Mom and Dad - panel discussion and workshop

Have you ever found it difficult to show love and affection to your parents?

Parents are often viewed as strong pillars of support for their children, and their struggles through parenthood not commonly talked about. With the normalisation of “tough love” in Singapore, many of us may find it more difficult to show love and affection to our parents.

Join “Dear Mum and Dad…” for a panel discussion and art jamming workshop in the spirit of encouraging more open parent-child conversations about mental health! Participants can look forward to gaining a better understanding of the stressors commonly faced by members in the family unit and how they can better express love and support to one another. Their artworks will be used to curate an exhibition for the general public.

:red_circle: 25 Sept 2022 (Sunday)
:large_blue_circle: 2pm - 6pm
:white_circle: The Red Box (113 Somerset Road)
:o: Age range: 15 - 35 years old

:point_right:For more information and to sign up: Click here

This opportunity is brought to you by Youth Corps Mental Health Cluster.