Let's explore: Staying Active 💪

Big part of taking care of our wellbeing includes incorporating activeness in our lifestyle, however it works best for ourselves!

How do you keep yourself active? :partying_face:

  • Day-to-day activities: Walking/Climbing stairs/Chasing after my children/etc
  • Individual exercises: Swimming/Running/Weight lifting/Bouldering/etc
  • Group exercises: Badminton/Tennis/Table tennis/Line dancing/Zumba/etc
  • Classes: Yoga/Pilates/Dance/Spin/etc
  • Nature: Hiking/Cycling/Kayaking/Water sports/etc
  • Others
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Why do you choose to do the selected activities for an active lifestyle?

Good healthy in good exercise

I like hiking with friends where I can stay active, enjoy nature and catch-up with friends. :slight_smile:

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I get to excersise and breathe fresh air

Going on a run or on a walk

I play Table Tennis often.

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Anytime anyway can do exercise!