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Set up in 2010, MILK Scholarship has been awarded to over 700 deserving recipients. Through these scholarships, we ensure that deserving youth are not denied a tertiary education because of financial hardship. We believe that through higher education, our youths will realise their fullest potential and break out of their poverty cycle.
The MILK Scholarship is awarded to promising students who have the courage and willingness to work hard for their future. They should be diligent, resilient and compassionate. Each MILK Scholar is required to be involved in a community project that gives back to society.

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Provides financial assistance to meet the basic needs of promising ITE students, that display a positive attitude. The scholarship provides support throughout the students course at ITE. Ultimately, the scholarship will reduce the burden and stress and enable ITE students to fulfil their potential as contributing members of society through holistic development and support.

Available to Singaporean students 25 years old and below, from financially disadvantaged backgrounds pursuing their studies in any of the ITE Colleges with good conduct and attendance.

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