Ranting ranting

There are many kinds of people.

  1. Lets name him B. B have 2 counsellors. B uses many resources, youthline, chat and a forum. The time havent like 7pm. But B disturb the listener. B’s parents buy him iphone. B always talk to listener there. Irritating. B always ask listener can unalive or cut. He knows the answer. But he always ask. The listeners hv to be patient with him. B got friends but he says he no friends. B talks to listeners. Doesnt help him. He even tell listener he cut after he talks to the listeners. Why do ppl waste their time talking to such pple. Such people. Irritating annoying. Want cut then he cut lah. Ask people for wad. Ask alr. Listeners say no but he still cut. Talk to listener for wad. Waste pple time. And when the listeners nvr reply him. He always ping the listeners. Irritating. He dun need talk to listeners why he keep disturb. He has counsellors friends.
    Such people. Irritating annoying n dk wad. Why does the listeners choose to talk to him. Such people. He dun deserve to hv listeners talk to him waste ppl time. Why allow. Yesterday he ask listener can cut today he ask also. Listener say no but he will still cut lor. He ask for wad. Why allow such things. Lor. Listeners not angry with him. Then his counsellor nvr scold him for keep asking Waste ppl time. Why allow. Such people.
    Got 2 counsellors. Waste their time. Then listeners. But listeners wan him more support talk to 1 more professional. Why such pple. He even uses resources like chat youthline. Why so many. So irritating. Annoying. He still cut even tho so many ppl talk to him. Why ppl talk to him. Why ppl… such ppl. Irritating annoying. Like everything is invested for him.

  2. Lets name him C. C always say he od od. But he od is just take…wun like will die like that. C always say he abuse pills also. Then he got plan. Early may. Lets see if he will be there after early may. C like…want listeners entertain him. He got friends. Dun ask his friends entertain him. Then the time havent up. D dun want talk to listeners already. Such people. He take pills take pills. Share take pills for wad. Lor. Even shared he got concrete plans on how he going to do it. Lor.
    Then blah blah. Then disturb one listener not enough go disturb another listener. Want many ppl to entertain him. Lor. Waste ppl time. Why ppl want to entertain him. When listener asked him talk to professional. He say dun wan disturb professional. But he disturb the listeners talk to listeners. Lor. He got 2 professionals, counsellor n therapist. But listener still wan him more support talk to professional. Why does ppl… Such people

  3. Lets name him D. D always wan die.got plans but till now nvr die. Got counsellor. If wan take pills, the counsellor allowed him to dial her. But he dun want dial. Instead talk to listeners. The listerners are taught not to engage him for the whole time. So D keep deleting n editing wat he wrote. He is so shameless. Claimed ppl target him but still so shameless to talk to listeners. The listeners alr ignored D but d shameless still want talk to listeners. D got plans share but till now not dead. Even say not say only but guess what he still there. He got plans plans but after all still there. He even attack other ppl with his words. He so shameless.

They got reasons why…
But i also got reasons why i rant all these. So do not judge.

These are my rants. Do not response.

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This person.lets name him A.
Cause got new listeners.He going repeat his same old story again to each listener lor.
he will share each time: he on internship
-he got depression,5 years already. he need 7 long yrs to complete his diploma.
he got this counsellor. then he see this counsellor when when.
this counsellor migrate so he see him online.he texts his counsellor too.
he hv this counsellor for 2 yrs already…cos his counselor resign so it took a toll on him.
he will share he will hv sessions with his counsellors n tell the listners abt it the next week. such people. keep share such things. hv counsellors n psychlogists not enough keep say abt it. such people.
why listeners hv to waste time talk to such people.they misuse the service.
there are ppl life long one not just 5 yrs only. keep say 5 yrs like…lor. such people. keep say.
he got money to afford private counsellor lor. why listeners talk to them one.such people. they dun dserve. what abt those in need??
there are 2 more days new listners so he going repeat same old story for 2 more times LOL. last time got people attack him abt it but he still dare to repeat. such people.
he already got counsellor n psychologist. oh n yet he wan share with listners oh his sessions go well n he want share. share such things. such people. then listners wan to talk to him.
honestly…such people.

got reasons why i say these. do not judge. do not response.

People not feeling too good. But they need talk to listeners for 5 hrs meh!!! Keep talk keep talk. They misusing the service. Why got such a service. Haiz. Got ppl misuse them. Why cant they channel them into those who really in need.
Those ppl they all just disturb disturb. For 5 hrs. They got counsellors or what. Then listeners havent go. They yall want go already. Disappear faster than listeners. Dun wan talk to listeners alr. Haiz. Ppl donate money to fund such a thing.

Then got ppl who need but everyone ignore him one. Such people. Why does listeners ignore those in need but talk to people who just wan disturb only. Those pple alr hv counsellors and…

Do not response. Got my own reasons why say. Do not judge

Eeeeyer. Da person got DID wreck havoc say those things yet others say he did nth wrong? Eeeyer. Such pple.
Then one person even came online in like specially just to talk to him abt animals. Eeeyer. Such people. Haiz.
That DID person alr got counsellor, got many pple. Got ppl who hv his back. Why he deserve ppl to come online for him to talk abt animals???

Then people cannot come online for other things. But can for animals. Why that DID person deserve.

He wreck havoc say those words but ppl.still can talk nicely to him. Like he didnt say those words. Why he deserve. He got friends also. Haiz.

Those ppl in need. People cannot come online for them. But come online for such pple. Talk abt animalss???

Got my reasons why i say these. Do not response. Do not judge

Eeeyer. The person disturb disturb. Time havent up. Ping another person to say bye bye to listener. Eeeyer. So lame.
Still there with da friend friend screaming.
LOL. he think so funny. Eeeyer. Eeeyer. Such pple. Say go sleep but nvr then come back disturb. Eeeyer. Such pple. Hais. Annoying irritating af
Do not response. Do not judge. They got reasons. I got my reasons also

Eeeyer a person keep repeat his story. He can talk in private place but he dun wan. Eeeyer. Left 3 more days he gonna repeat?? He got counsellor psychologist alr. Keep share how good they are?? His relationship with them. Eeeyer. Eeeyer. Alr got counsellor n psychologist still wan say wad…keep say. Such people. Got his own support but he keep say.eeeyer. such people.
Nvr think of others.eeeyer
Then ppl there waiting for…then he got counsellors n psychologists still wan say. Disturb listeners. Got emotional support but disturb. Then even 2 listeners talk to him. But other ppl no one. How can people be treated dis way! Such ppl. Eeyer

2 LAME PPL there keep disturb listeners. Time havent reach ping listeners to disturb. So annoying. Irritating! Such people. 1 say last week gonna…but this week still here. LOL. What lies. Why they sooooo…!!!
1 listeners not there…he ping another listener to disturb. The listeners hv to entertain them. Like what…dis not here so another. Cos got more listeners. If not can only disturb one listener only. LOL. Why listeners let them to disturb. Hais.
They make jokes of themselves but still so proud of themselves.
They just want disturb listeners only. So the listeners what time can disturb they also dk. Such ppl. Irritating annoying. Fools.
They think its fun to disturb.
The listeners even think they are…
ALWAYS THERE SCREAMING!!! SO da listeners scream back w them also LOL.
They still tink its funny. One even ask how u going to scream 4 each listeners. Such ppl.
Such ppl. Irritating. Annoying Af.

These are my rants. They got reasons. I got my reasons also. Do not judge .Do not response.

Then they sometimes dk the time. They just say bye.they just want to disturb the listeners only cos listeners there so they disturb.they dun deserve listeners. They thot listeners go alr so. But then havent then they come back disturb.
Then they think its funny to disturb.
But the listeners dun find it funny at all. But da listeners hv to entertain em. Such ppl. Such ppl
Why such ppl. They dun deserve but they hv. They use other resources also. They got counselors. Why.
They got reasons why they say. I got my reasons why i say. So do not judge.
These r my rants. Do not response.

A person got DID then he wreck havoc at a ‘place’. He…like take on other identity then…
He got counsellor. His counsellor knows. He shld text his counsellor lor. His counsellor allow him to text him lor. But he dun wan. He went n wreck havoc then say those things. Like make everyone see him behaving in such a way. He doesnt even feel…still dare to talk there.
Just becos he has DID doesnt mean he can do all these wreck havoc. Affect other pple emotionally. Such ppl. Last yr happened this thing.this year happened again. He think he…
LOL. Why dun he msg his counsellor lor. Instead go.there wreck.havoc affect ppl emotionally. His counsellor nvr stop him also. After things happen then he…
His counsellor n…like hv to clear up da mess he make after…
Such ppl.
Its like he…like anytime his DID will act up. His counsellor shldnt let him join that place or else anytime he act up. LOL.
SUCH PPL. He can text his counsellor dun have to there…act up…and affect ppl emotionally.
Its unfair to other pple. Nvr think of others.
Such pple

These are my rants. They got reasons. I got my reasons also. Do not judge .Do not response.

Ooo got people almost same feelings as me. But not same. Da things not same . Eeeyer.

Eeeeyeeeer talk to listener. But gotta do own things.then…eeeyer. he always cut cut. Yet listeners still…his counsellors also. Such ppl. Dun deserve listeners.
Whereas there are Other ppl got time but no one talks to him one.soooo…
Why does ppl waste…or talk to such ppl. But there are really people in need but…no one bothers abt them onee…
Such ppl. Want cut then cut. Dun keep ask.ask alr still wan cut. Then ppl still wan help them.
Eeeeyeer he cut then tell listener LOL. Why he talk to listener lol. Such ppl. But ppl… he dun dserve listeners. Eeyer. Annoying af. Why he can share such things one
Eeeeyer but listeners still wan talk to him. Why. Such ppl. Such ppl.
His counsellors let him misuse it also. Let him keep ask. Waste listeners time. Such ppl. Dun dserve. Eeeyer.
Then tmr he be asking the listners he want cut again.

ownself disturb listeners not enough. Ping other ppl to disturb also. Eeeyer. Irritating!!!
Eeeyer listener havent go…just ownself think listener go alr. Then say byeeeee
Then even wan another person say byeeeee also…eyeeerrrr
Such ppl.
Disturb ppl.
Then he n another like friend friend. They cannot dm. Spam many channels and even say its their 2 own personal channel?? Say such things??? Such ppl. Think themselves…sooo
Wan say its their own channel cos they use only. They cant dm…eeeeyeeer
They think they funny…but da listeners dun think so but hv to entertain them. Eeeyeeerrr
Such pple annoying af.
Do not response.got my reasons.do not judge.

A person. Lets call him A. He say change to this week. But guess what still here after all. Still BLEHHHH WHEEEEEEE disturb listeners… such people. Why. Wunt…one. such people.
These are my rants. They got reasons. I got my reasons also. Do not judge .Do not response.

There are many kinds of pple. Lets name him A. He shared again he meeting ppl for one last time. He share he said goodbye to everyone. His plan early may. Then he change. He say next week. Lets see if after next week still there or not. Say until like these…like…how come ppl allowed to share such things. Such pple.
Then he like…friend friend with another person. Theycan just dm each other but they dun want. They spam everyday on different channels. BLEHHHH…WHEEEEE…Seriously sia…
Then they both wan talk to each other. One talking here tag him. One talking there tag the other. Seriously sia. Dm each other…spam n spam the channels irritating sia. Such ppl.
Then he want talk to da listeners. Ping them even when hvnt reach da time. Everyday ping. Lor. He got use other resources. Got counsellor therapist.
Such ppl. Then he even tell the other time to say goodbye to listener. He own time hvnt up want say goodbye then even tell ppl say goodbye.such ppl lor. Come disturb listeners only.
Such ppl

Then another person lets call him c. He always ask listeners cut n unalive. Listeners always hv to be patient with him. He even said new sharpies. He wan cut just cut. Everytime he ask he cut. Ask for wad.he got 2 counsellors. He said he is high risk? His counsellor let him always ask listners cut. Irritating. Such ppl. Listeners always reply him. He say he dun get attention so he"misbehave"? But he got 2 counsellor. And even aother professional. Then he always there talking to listeners.
And then ya know…some ppl “misbehave” also wun get attention one. Such pple. His parents e even buy him iphone just cos fomo. Such ppl. He can even ask.his counsellor wat casings to get??? Such ppl. He dun deserve da the counsellors listneners. He uses other resources too.such ppl.
They say those things got their reasons. I say these things also got my reasons. Do not judge.
These r my rants. Do not response.

Lol is it weird that i know roughly who you’re talking about… if I’m not wrong, it’s someone from a discord channel… at least for #2.

There are many types of pple. Lets name him A. He talks to listeners. Ask cut or unalive. Even say he cut after talking to them. Then wad for he talk to listeners. Doesnt deserve. But listeners n his counsellors patient w him. He misusing the services. Doesnt deserve talk to listeners or counsellors. Irritating. Such people. Misusing da services. He ask but he cut. He ask for wad lor. Such pple. Talk to listeners. There are ppl who hv nth.
They hv their reasons. I hv my reasons why i say these so do not judge. These r my rants. Do not response.

Talk to one listener. Ask the other for a story. Such people.but ppl bother abt them. Why. Then got counsellor also.

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heyooo share more? you sound like you’ve got stuff you wanna discuss and talk abt~

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Yeshhhh i got stuff iw talk abt. from what
I say, what do you understand?

mmm i hear that youre quite bothered abt something/someone and you dont understand certain things. more context will defo help~ all ears here :ear: