Treatment & Motivation - What worked for you?

Hello everyone!

Recovery from physical or mental health challenges is a journey that often involves various treatments, setbacks, and triumphs. Whether you’ve faced an addiction, a chronic illness, a mental health condition, or any other health-related issue, sharing our experiences can provide valuable insights and support to one another.

So, let’s come together to discuss the different aspects of treatment and recovery. Whether you’re currently on your path to recovery, have successfully overcome obstacles, or are a caregiver offering support, your perspectives are incredibly valuable. You can offer hope and inspiration to those who are in a difficult situation.

Friends, recovery is not always linear, but together, we can navigate its ups and downs and support one another toward healing and a brighter future.

Alright, so here are two questions to get our conversation started:

  1. What treatments or therapies have you found most effective on your journey to recovery? Were there any unexpected strategies or approaches that made a significant difference?

  2. How do you stay motivated during your recovery process? What advice would you offer to someone who’s feeling discouraged or stuck in their recovery journey?

  1. I actually found myself liking art therapy. I was recommended for art therapy because I struggled with expressing myself through words so instead I used art as a form to express myself.

I actually tried various forms of therapies such as talk, art, occupational, music, dance.

My talk therapy was individual, music and dance was group therapy while art and occupational therapy was both individual and group. Like I shared in my above comment, I enjoyed art therapy :slight_smile:

I also did enjoy occupational therapy cause it was fun and we did some/ learnt simple vocational stuff such as cooking/ baking.

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:thinking: tbh, this question hits super close to home.

Personally, I’ve struggled for the longest time to find motivation to want to recover, it’s not because I want to be miserable all my life but because recovery can be a tedious, tiring and painful process, sometimes it feel easier to just give up/ resign.

However what has helped me to stay motivated is to surround myself with people with positive influence on me. One such person is/ was (she has since resigned from her post) my school counsellor, she empowered me to continue working on my recovery, she gave me reasons to continue recovering, she encouraged me when I needed the encouragement and equipped me with skills to strengthen my resilience.

Though it’s been 3 months since she has since left, she still continues to leave a positive impact/ influence in/ on my life.

Hence I would say the people you surround yourself with are important, they can either lift you up or bring you down.


Hi @Marshmallow.youghurt !
I love this! Art therapy can be a creative way to express yourself and I find it so helpful too, sometimes words can’t fully express how we truly feel. It’s amazing how our art pieces can show the depth of our emotions! Good on you for taking on art therapy :slight_smile: Continue to grow!

Hey @Marshmallow.youghurt !
Thank you for sharing, I’m sure that your school counsellor made a significant impact on your life, and it’s so encouraging to hear that :slight_smile: I hope you continue to surround yourself with people who value you and people who can uplift you! I’m glad you’re not giving up :slight_smile:

  1. My answer is similar to Marshmallow.youghurt. Hate to admit it but there are times when I don’t want to recover too. It’s not that I don’t want to recover, it’s just that it’s a draining and tiring process. Sometimes I feel happy. Moments later, I feel sad, empty and numb. There are no triggers tho… :confused:
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