Anyone Heard of "Ikigai "?

Hi there guys,

So i read a bit about this " Ikigai " Japanese concept about finding your purpose of being. I read a bit about it and seems cool. Apparently if youre doing something that youre meant to be doing you would live a more productive live and actually be contented and happy.

I have tried my hands at drawing,mainly music(performance and composing,) writing, and a lot of other stuff even became a KeySmith and Cobbler once but i hear that if you can find you Ikigai or calling, purpose of being etc life would be more fulfilling.

I did find a course in singapore but it catered to younger people. If anyone knows for adult 40 and above do let me know okay :slight_smile:


There’s one here but I’ve not attended this before so I’m not sure if it’s good: How to Find Your Ikigai to Live a Purposeful Life

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Thank you @jaws Man it cost an arm and leg man…

Hello @ManoEsperanza

It’s wonderful that you’ve come across the concept of “Ikigai” and are exploring the idea of finding your purpose in life :slight_smile: It’s a beautiful concept deeply rooted in Japanese philosophy, emphasizing the importance of finding that sweet spot where your passions, talents, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for intersect.

I can tell that your journey through various interests and skills is a testament to your curiosity and open-mindedness :slight_smile: I personally believe that exploring different areas is a natural part of discovering our true calling! I also believe that this process can be ongoing, and it’s perfectly okay to explore your Ikigai at any age.

As for courses in Singapore catering to adults aged 40 and above, I recommend checking with local community centers, adult education programs, or online resources. Many institutions offer courses and workshops tailored to a wide range of age groups and backgrounds. There is also possible subsidies, do check this link out: SSG | SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

You might also find value in self-reflection, journaling, and seeking the guidance of a life coach or counselor who can help you delve deeper into your passions and purpose :slight_smile:

You know, the journey to finding your Ikigai is a personal one, and there’s no set timeline for when it may happen. I encourage you to continue to be patient with yourself and stay open to new experiences and self-discovery. It’s a path that can lead to a more fulfilling and contented life. :blush:

Do share with us more about your ideas and pursuit for passion!