Be somebody worth coming back to :)

Are you worth coming back to?

Have you ever found yourself spiralling (emotionally) and you knew exactly who to call? This person could be your mom, partner, or friend - but why is that so? What makes this person so special that he/she would be the first person you want to talk to when you’re in distress?

What is it like to be someone’s place of safety, a Safe Haven? What does that even mean? Here are some ideas of what it might possibly mean for someone to see you as a Safe Haven:

Are you:

  • Welcoming and accepting?
  • Emotionally-safe to be around?
  • Supportive?
  • Able to connect well?
  • Comforting to others?
  • Non-judgemental?
  • Grounded enough to hold the space?

Have you seen these traits in yourself? Or perhaps you’re already a Safe Haven to someone else. What is it like for you? :slight_smile: I’d love to hear more from you - share with me your thoughts on this idea of Safe Haven :slight_smile:

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