Communicating with Family - Tips, and Tried + Tested Methods!

For some of us, our family is often our very first team in life, a team that we don’t choose but are born into. The bonds we share with our family members are unique and enduring, and like any team, they require effort and good communication to stay strong and harmonious. Just as in any successful team, clear and effective communication is the secret sauce that keeps the family unit thriving. :house_with_garden::two_hearts:

Let’s dive into a few tips:

:orange_heart: Active Listening: When someone in your family talks, give them your full attention. Put down that phone and really hear what they’re saying. It matters!

:handshake: Share Your Feelings: Don’t be afraid to open up. If something’s bothering you or making you happy, let your family know. Sharing creates understanding.

:hugs: Quality Time: Spend time together doing fun stuff – whether it’s a movie night, game day, or just a chat over dinner. These moments build lasting memories.

:rocket: Respect Differences: Remember, not everyone thinks the same way. It’s okay to have different opinions. Respect each other’s views, even if you don’t agree.

Now, here’s a 2-part question for you: :thinking:

1A) What’s one small thing you can do today to improve communication with your family?
1B) What’s one thing that you’ve tried, worked well for you and you’re still doing today?