Spending time with family!

As I get older, I am always busy, my parents are also busy. We spend less time together, and our relationships are more distant. Our schedules don’t allow us to eat together at most meals. What are some good bonding activities and common topics we can talk about?

maybe you can ask about their day, or how was work, what are the latest projects they are working on etc !

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hi @purple ! maybe you could try arranging a day for your family to spend time together like going to the beach or simply watching a movie at home together~ usually i will share about my life with my family, it can be things happening in school, my friends and the current show i am watching! you can also talk about recent news and ask about their life happenings =)

Hello @purple! I believe that many are facing the same problem - including myself. Here are some suggestions that will help you and your family get closer:

  • Ask about their day / Talk about your day → After returning from work/school, ask how their day is. Ask whether there is anything exciting happening at work/school.
    Similarly, you can start a conversation by sharing anything interesting about your day. However, if they do not wish to engage in a conversation, do continue the conversation another time (e.g. end of the week or weekends).
  • Know your family members’ interests and start a topic → know what they are interested in (e.g. things, hobbies, animals, people, trends, etc.). If you and your family members have a common interest, that’s great! There are many topics that you can take about!
  • Share something fun/interesting online → Often, if we come across something fun or something interesting, we would share them via social media. Similarly, we can share them via the family group chat and start a conversation online. Remember to use emoticons! It helps in the interaction between people! :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :blush:
  • Storytelling sessions → I believe many of us have heard one or two stories from our friends or have seen and read something that fascinates you online. Share them with your family! In cases where there are none, question your parents about their childhood, share one time that got you bursting into laughter, or share a crazy story. If any, ask your parents for any anecdotes from their past or dig out those cute baby pictures that your parents saved :star_struck:.

I understand that finding quality time in this busy day and age is a challenge, but not impossible. You need to be a team player at work/school but you also need to be a team player for your family. Don’t allow your work/studies to over-run your family time. Here are more resources you can refer too. Hope this helps :blush:.

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Hi! Maybe you and your parents can talk about your day-to-day lives like what happen in school or work. I would recommend watching a drama with your family whenever there is a free time. It can even become a common topic for you and your family. You can talk about the plot of the show, the comedy, the characters and soundtrack.