Hi, is it really confidential if I were to seek help from mental health professionals from government hospitals and IMH? Will companies be able to scan through my record when I am applying for a new job?

Also, during job applications some companies will ask on their forms if I sought help from mental health professionals before. Is it unethical if I do not declare? Will they know if I don’t declare? It’ll be to my disadvantage if I declare.


Hey @whatsup ,
Apologies I don’t have a specific understanding about this topic.
However, you can look on official government websites to get a fair idea.
Also, in my 6+ years of professional career, I have never ever ran into a company doing a deep due diligence about your mental health history.
Please note, this is not an official advise rather a personal observation.

Thanks and please post your findings to educate me and others about this.


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Hey there @whatsup

From what I understand (I might be wrong):

  1. Your records is private and confidential meaning conpanies will not be allowed to snoop through or even take a sneak peek your records (this is also cause of PDPA), their request will be denied because no one is allowed to access your records unless required by law or you want to work in law enforcement (because you’ll carry weapon).

  2. Because of point 1, they won’t be able to find out if you sought help from mental health professionals. Personally, ultimaltely I feel that it’s up to you how much you want to declare about your mental health, no one should be “forced” to share than more than what one’s comfortable with.

Hope this helps to provide some assurances and I wish you all the best in your journey of seeking help and if you’d like/ feel comfrtable to do so, you could update us on how you’ve been doing. Take care! :slight_smile:


Hi @whatsup, it’s a really good conversation that you started.

This article provides good viewpoints for consideration - Can having a mental health record affect your employment? — Calm Collective Asia
Sharing this quote from the article:

Thus, unless there is a legitimate job-related requirement, you do not have to declare your mental health condition to your employer . If fear of others finding out about your mental health records is stopping you from seeking professional help for your mental health, we hope that this article has given you the confidence to proceed with seeking the support that you need.

You can also refer to TAFEP’s guidelines on fair employment in which employers are advised not to ask about mental health condition of potential employee - Fair Job and Employment Application Forms | TAFEP

That said, it is still not completely transparent what happens if and when it is declared during a job application, and as with all things in life, it is often a mix of factors which determine outcomes. I would say as a general advice to go with your gut instinct in decisions that you make. It is important to be healthy and safe - I hope you will have courage to seek help if you require it. Our community is here to support you!


Hi all, thank you so much for all the helpful replies and taking time to reply me. Much appreciated! I have a clearer idea now!