Having work and study balance

How can we strive a balance of studies when we have part time jobs?

It is definitely not easy to handle both at the same time. I feel that the most important factor to strive a balance is time management. Time management such as scheduling your tasks for the week and planning your time properly. Also, establishing priorities would also help to know what you should focus on. Besides all these, do also remember to have some self care and prevent yourself from overworking!!

hey there!

im really impressed that you’re juggling between work and studying, it can be really difficult and tiring at times so be proud of urself for this feat! i think like what @et.tan mentioned, time management is extremely important.

i’m also doing some work while studying, and i think the one thing that has helped me so far is my calendar. i put all my events and deadlines up there so that i can keep track of my progress and not miss out on any important dates. other than that, i do up a to-do list everyday and try to follow the tasks!

the main thing is probably priority. i tend to do things that are due sooner. these are my techniques and u can try them if u want to. if anything, health is most important so if u experience a lot of stress, do sound out to ur employers or talk to people around u for support :slight_smile:

hello, in 2022, i juggled working at an FnB restaurant(first half of the year) IKEA(second half) and my studies. Looking back, I would feel lethargic after a long day but in the moment, I think what made me keep going was my friends. I think I balanced it decently as my grades didn’t drop much. I think it’s important to plan our your week. Use apps like TimeTree to give yourself a visual representation of your week ahead and if feel like there is a lot going on at school, maybe you can opt for working on the weekend or not working during the submission period

Wow, can I say you are a super person? Being able to work and study, is not an easy thing.
Yes, even though we all wish to achieve a balance, I have realised that sometimes we can’t have a balance till to priorities, etc. This is what everyone needs to accept as life cannot be so easy or simple. I guess finding your pace and keeping going may help in striking the balance, as once you ‘fall’ and daze at that moment very long, things will pile up and may be hard for you to move forward. But don’t worry you are not alone. We are in a fast-paced world yah.