This is so relatable!

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Hi Icelemontea! It’s alright to feel stressed about your social life especially when you have a lot of schoolwork and is lacking sleep
:frowning: Finding solutions might not be easy but I’m sure you can do it :smiley:
Somethings I like to do when I’m trying to cope with my work is
-planning my time :smiley: (I have a calender on my table always so I can write down anything I need to! Somethings I jot down are my assignment due dates, my cca times and any other commitments)

  • sleep schedule (it’s okay to struggle with this, I do too :frowning: but something I learnt is to be compassionate towards yourself. Don’t force yourself to finish that assignment if you feel sick, are tired! Following the Maslow hierarchy of needs, if your physical health is suffering, your mental well-being will too :frowning: so let’s try to sleep more okies :slight_smile: we’re in this together!)
  • social life (your social life is important :slight_smile: sometimes we feel that we have to sacrifice our social life to finish our work, but that’s not true :smiley: social life can mean studying with your friends, having lunch with them after a lesson or just talking to them in school! But these may not be enough. Something’s I like to do when I feel isolated from my friends or family is to go outdoors with them and have a chat or go for a movie :slight_smile: anything to de-stress and have some fun. It does not have to be too time consuming too hehe :slight_smile:

Hope it helps and all the best :smiley:

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