How do I overcome fear?

Hey everyone!

Today is an interesting topic where we discover a bit more on overcoming fears :grimacing:

We tend to avoid (things/people/places) when we’re afraid. This (survival) strategy of avoidance has the added benefit of getting us through painful and frightening experiences by blocking off overwhelming emotions. However, when we start to wall ourselves off from negative and painful emotions, we start to lose access to positive emotions too. Gradually, we may feel less and less authentic and fully alive. We must begin to see how fear keeps us from seeing that it is ubiquitous. :mag:

Whenever we are not in the present moment, fulfilled and at peace with things just as they are, there can (and will) be a fear lurking in the background. We then see fear being masked as something else – we see anger towards others (instead of realising the presence of a threat), or we see guilt (and punish ourselves before someone else can punish us). :thinking:

Thus, we have to expose fear as the true source of many of our problems, and to address it in order to find a resolution. When we look directly at our fears, it begins to degrade (as fear only works when we avoid it or run away from it), and moving through fear (when necessary) is the ultimate way of realising that it cannot carry out its threat on us. For when we face and move through it, we will come out the other side still whole and intact (instead of being lesser of a person). This, more than anything, proves to us that it was not ‘real’ as we had expected it to be. And this allows us to slowly gain insight into its true nature: an overly threatening situation can turn out to be very different than what we had imagined! :slightly_smiling_face:

What do y’all think? I’m curious to know what you’ve tried to face and move through your fears? Also, do share any questions you might have about this topic! Until then, take care! :wave:t2: