Let's talk about emotions

Hi everyone,

Today, I’d like to talk a bit about emotions. Basically, they’re sensations in our body that motivate us to act to achieve our goals of survival and affiliation. It is a vital resource for connection, direction, stimulation, and motivation in our lives.

However, I’d like to clarify some (mis)perceptions regarding them, especially when we consider our emotions as shortcuts to act a certain way due to habit or learning, instead of looking past that to see the message it’s trying to tell us. :slightly_smiling_face:

For example,

  • Emotions are statements about us and communicate how we perceive reality; it’s often the result of our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs
  • We are most emotional about the things we have the greatest investment
  • We think our emotions relate to the current situation when they actually (mostly) relate to something similar that happened in the past
  • We overassume that other people’s emotions relate to us and the current situation
  • We think emotions are a signal to start trying to reduce those emotions, instead of feeling it and letting it pass naturally
  • We usually fixate on only one emotion (and underplay/ignore what else we’re feeling and doing), instead of being curious to all the emotions we’re experiencing
  • We see emotions as either reasonable or unreasonable, justified or unjustified instead of messages that offer a more nuanced view of what had happened

I’m curious to know what other perceptions of emotions you hold and how do you typically manage your emotions before it becomes too overwhelming for you to cope? Also, do share your thoughts and questions that you may have about emotions! Until then, take care! :smiley:


Hey. Im 13 but its not for me its my parents. They need serious therapy. I dont know why but they are just no working out sooo… pls help them in any way you can.

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I think emotions like envy is quite harmful/negative, however its an emotion that I feel quite regularly in my day to day life. Especially with social media, people tend to post the good side of their life and its very easy to evoke emotions of envy. Its very easy to focus on what u dont have in your life when u experience envy, like I feel envious when people talk about positive things in their life and compare it to my own where things arent going well in certain aspects of my life and circumstances are beyond my control. I think envy might direct me to signal that my own desires and needs are not yet being fulfilled.


Hi @user1035. First off, I wanna commend your self awareness and resourcefulness to seek out support when in need. I’m curious why you think your parents need therapy? Have you had a chance to speak to them about this? Perhaps an open discussion could be helpful before you consider getting support and assistance from Family Service Centres. Do let us know how things work out then, take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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