i constantly feel pressure as i’m in school.

i feel overwhelmed most of the time. i feel burn out and no longer feel like how i was like in school. eveything feels like a chore

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Hi @passionfruitgreentea , I am moving this post here to expand the conversation =)

I believe some are also feeling this way too!

Thank you for your sharing. To feel overwhelmed is not a good feeling especially when it lasts for most of the time.

I am glad that you are able to recognize that you are burnout. That is very important. Self-awareness is the 1st step.

Next to be aware is the source of the burnout. Is it due to the transition from secondary to a higher institute of learning ? Overwhelmed with multiple deadlines? etc. Gaining that clarity will allow you to make the next step in finding specific solutions to resolve it.

Here are some resources which I hope can help you find some clarity on:
What is burnout?’ by healthhub
Self care - Burnout prevention and recovery by Youth mindline