Is it normal to Talk to Yourself?

Hey everyone!

I stumbled upon this fascinating TED-Ed video titled “Is it normal to talk to yourself?” that got me thinking about the power of self-talk. In the video, it delves into the science and psychology behind self-conversations and how they impact our lives.

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this:

  1. Do you talk to yourself? The video raises the point that talking to ourselves is quite common and can have various benefits, from problem-solving to self-soothing. Do you find yourself talking to yourself, and if so, in what situations?

  2. How do you use self-talk to boost your confidence or overcome challenges? Self-talk can be a powerful tool to motivate ourselves and overcome self-doubt. Have you ever used positive self-talk to boost your confidence, stay focused, or conquer a tough situation? What are some phrases or strategies that have worked for you?

Let’s discuss the video and share our experiences with self-talk. It’s a topic that affects us all, and it’s intriguing to learn how we can harness it for personal growth and well-being. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!