Let's Talk about Wealth!

:star2: Let’s Talk About Wealth: A TED Talk Reflection :star2:

I happened to chance upon this TED talk video about the concept of wealth.

What does “wealth” mean to you?

The speaker’s personal journey, growing up without discussions about money, and then seeking “legit wealth” is relatable to many of us. It’s fascinating how her perspective evolves over time. Like her, I grew up without wealth and it took me a long time to understand what true wealth is for me. I also realized that everyone’s definition of wealth meant different things to them too.

Here are two questions this talk raised for me, and I’m curious to know:

:one: How do you personally define wealth? Has your definition changed over the years, or has it remained consistent with your upbringing?

:two: In what ways can we broaden the traditional concept of wealth to include aspects like agency, freedom, and collective well-being, as the speaker suggests? How can we redefine wealth on our terms?

Curious to know, so please do share your thoughts and reflections! :speech_balloon:

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