Severe hair loss at a young age

I am around 15 years now. At one point I felt like I really needed to lose weight cause of how some people starting making fun of me and i did lose weight. I pushed myself so hard and I went down from 73kg to 58kg. I was happy at the results but suddenly I started losing so much of hair and from then I have been trying sooo many remedies to try growing back my hair. I watched thousands of videos and till today I am still losing my hair. My hair went from thick and strong to weak and brittle hair. That is really making me insecure but I am trying my best to stay strong. Even just now after showering my hair I lost so much of hair.

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Hi @avocados_123

I am sorry to hear about what you went through previously that led to your journey on weight loss. It must have been a difficult period for you to make such a decision and to commit through the journey of losing weight.

While I am happy to hear of your positive outcome in losing weight, I am worried about your overall wellbeing as your body needs sufficient nutrients to grow and develop well as you are 15 years old now. I am also concerned about your diet and methods you have been engaging in this weight loss journey.

Perhaps, you can consider healthier food options and find a balance in your nutritional needs. It could be adding more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins to achieve your desirable weight while maintaining a healthy body. If necessary, you may consider consulting with a nutritionist to create a balanced diet that works for you.

Perhaps, at the start of adjusting your diet to be more balanced, there could be a slight change in weight, and it might be discouraging. Know that you have made progress, I hope you can also prioritise your overall wellbeing as much as your weight goals.

Let’s take it a step at a time. It is challenging but you are not alone. I am here to listen and to support you. Please take care and I hope things get better for you.