sleeping at late hours

its currently 6am and i have not gotten a blink of sleep. i seem to be very paranoid when i close my eyes and i cant help but feel scared. i cant seem to distract myself and i feel frustrated since theres nothing i can do to get myself sleeping earlier. please help me this has made me more distant from people and i feel so bad especially for my family as they seemed concerned that i have been “away”. i turn on a small light just to keep me company but even so i cant seem to drift slowly into sleep… instead i think about jow i cant sleep and it makes me more anxious.

Hi @user780 ! Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts here. I’m so sorry to hear that you have not been able to sleep well because you’re experiencing feelings of fear, confusion and frustration too… It must be really exhausting for you, and I’m sorry that this whole situation has caused you so much anxiety. I want to commend you for being so brave in sharing your troubles, it’s not easy to go through this, but remember that you’re not alone.

Sometimes we may not have the exact reasons for why we feel scared or paranoid when we sleep, or why we feel anxious about resting. There could be various complex reasons, and it’s something you can slowly work with a mental health professional about one day - try speaking to a counsellor or therapist to dig deeper about what you’re experiencing! The therapist will be able to guide you to the root issues and you can process them together.

Meanwhile, I would like to suggest some readings to help you understand this sleepless situation:

  1. Read about what might be causing the sleep issues (Understanding sleep problems - Article)
  2. Some helpful practical tips to prepare yourself for sleep (How to sleep better - Article)
  3. Some possible reasons for why you might not have a good rest (Why can't I sleep? Reasons for trouble sleeping - Article)

And my personal favourite few strategies to manage the sleeping:

I hope you will give these activities a try tonight and see if it works for you.
Please take care, and here’s wishing you a good night’s rest!

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hi there! im currently replying this at like 4.42am cuz im watching some lectures haha… I did experience similar issues before in the past regarding being unable to sleep because I kept thinking too much e.g when exam is on the next day. One thing that worked for me the best is to focus your thinking into an image of a dark blank space such that it does not get clouded by the numerous thoughts in your head. I totally understand how frustrating it is to not be able to sleep when you are tired and when you do want to sleep. I hope my tip managed to help and if not, I hope you manage to find your own method on sleeping

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i dont know, but this is my advice : you could count sheep, or watch your phone until you sleep, OR you could read a 500 pages book that can make you fall asleep on the book. and the last thing is that you could sleep with your mother or anyone like your relatives and talk to them until you sleep (thats what i do)
But please get good sleep or else youll fall asleep in class :slight_smile:

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