Stressed about a group project

How do I deal with differing expectations in a group project? I aim for an A in one of my projects but my other group mates do not hope to excel in it, and simply want to get it over and done with.

And it shows in their quality of work, which has me worrying every time whether something is out of point, or is not backed up by reliable statistics, or if the general outline of the slides is too messy. It just has me worrying 24/7, to the point where it’s distrusting my focus on my other modules.

My mother told me that it isn’t fair for me to hold it on them because at least they did their part for the project but she also mentioned it isn’t fair if I was the only one fretting about it.

How should I go about to stop myself from constantly worrying over it?

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Hello @genly I’m in uni now and I usually do not have a fixed group so I can understand how sometimes it can be difficult to work with people who have different expectations :disappointed_relieved:

Usually I would allocate when that’s the case and then read thru what they have done see what I can add on to improve it. It’s extra work but I take it as a learning experience bah.

Otherwise the first step is to always let them know what can be improved on and set a timeline for the adjustments after all it’s a group effort.

Was wondering did you try communicating these possible improvements to your team mates ? If so what was their reaction?

Hi @genly

Thanks for sharing about your struggles - I hear how it’s making you stressed and worried when dealing with group mates and how it appears so much that you just want to do good work. I would imagine that you’re frustrated and disappointed too. I wonder if this has got to do with how much you value excellence and churning out quality work, as these values are definitely motivating you to do your best. However, it appears to also work in a way that it’s taking up all your energy and focus worrying about parts and people that appear to be out of your control. Everyone had the same opportunity given to carry out the work but the outcome is so varied…

I wonder if you’ve had the opportunity to have an open conversation with your group mates about the situation? An open conversation where everyone’s not in a rush will enable you to hear from your group mates about how they are with completing/completed the project (using an open-ended question like, “How did you find the project?”) and then getting yourself heard by sharing your thoughts with I statements: I think/feel … because… and I would prefer that (what you would like done instead). This way, you can get your concerns across and in a manner that your group mates can listen and understand clearly. :slightly_smiling_face:

And perhaps, that can clear the way for y’all to meet halfway to create a win-win situation. Most importantly everyone should feel comfortable with the outcome. This kinda requires y’all to brainstorm ideas on how the quality of work can be looked at and then invent options/alternatives for mutual gain that doesn’t disadvantage anyone. Of course, this is probably not a one-off discussion but likely to be continuous so tap on your coping abilities to try to tolerate the frustration. Additionally, these are some things you can try out if you’re keen:

However, even after you’ve spoken to your team members and have tried crafting out a win-win situation, but you find the stress and worrying still affecting your ability to concentrate and get things done, perhaps speaking to professionals that can work to support you can also be helpful. Family Service Centres are a great resource to access this support, yeah. Let us know how things turn out, and hope to hear from you soon!