What should I do?

My results are not really the best but my art and music has both improved of late… Art is an industry I don’t mind working in, but it doesn’t provide for me in Singapore… I don’t mind doing sciences but I don’t have the mental capacity for it… What can I do to improve on my studies without giving up on my interest? Thank you :blush:


hey @choc_kitkat i think this is something a loooot of singaporeans struggle with, so you’re not alone. a lot of people, including me, struggle with making a choice between practicality (what can give us financial “stability” in Singapore) vs what we like to do. I totally know what u mean by not having the mental capacity for sciences too- i think the tertiary education system + standardised testing really killed my passion for the sciences too D:

in terms of career choice- it really depends on what you prioritise, and i think it would be great to explore the opportunities in the art/humanities industry in SG! I do think that the art/humans industry is slowly emerging, and even though everyone keeps saying that there is “no future” in these industries, i don’t think that’s true! There are so many fields you can go into, so many opportunities you can grab hold of! you could perhaps dip your feet in these industries through networking/ talking to friends who are studying arts/humanities, or try out different internships!

re studying- this was been a real struggle for me too (I recently graduated from tertiary education!) While studying, I tried to attach a meaning/ purpose to what I’m doing, so that I had something to keep me grounded and going. Even though i didn’t want to go into the science industry, i told myself that whatever im learning in science subjects would give me a broader worldview + allow me to understand and learn about topics that I can possibly merge with my artistic pursuits in the future! it’s always good to take a multidisciplinary approach to things, and i think everything we learn would have some form of value, even if it’s not obvious/indirect. Also, take small breaks and engage in some form of self-care activity everyday. And studying with friends kept me going as well :slight_smile:

Jiayou and all the best!