Where can I find cheap & good vegetarian spots to eat with friends in SG?

I’ve been trying to be vegetarian for such a long time, but it’s so difficult in SG where practically everything has meat! I’m struggling to find cheap/ accessible vegetarian food, other than caifan, which always seems to be too oily/ salty/ unsatisfying : (

I also feel like vegetarian cafes in Singapore tend to rely on a lot of carbs (noodles/ rice/ gluten-based meat substitutes) rather than fresh vegetables to appeal to the crowd. These meals always leave me very bloated and unsatisfied D:

What are some of the cheapest, best vegetarian food you’ve eaten in SG? I would be eternally grateful for all of your recommendations! : )

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I agree that it’s hard to find affordable options outside… When I dine with my vegetarian friends, we tend to go for Italian food which have good vegetarian options and the Mediterranean diet is generally pretty healthy. Otherwise, good vegetarian joints which I have tried include Whole Earth, Warung Ijo, Saute-San, Green Common.

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Hihi I am a vegetarian since I was born so actually Singapore is considered a place that has more vegetarian food available because when I went to another country, it is not so easy to find vegetarian food unlike Singapore. My advice is you can Google Maps or just Google search to find restaurants or places that sells vegetarian food. Greendot is one of the more popular vegetarian food restaurants who has several outlets in Singapore which you can try, the thing is the price is not so cheap.
There are vegetarian food who has a lot of fresh vegetables maybe is just that you haven’t explored more.

Cheapest vegetarian food I have eaten is $2.50 caifan, its not the best but its overall not bad.

Just my point of view! :slight_smile: