2 in 1 psychologist at 1 go

i am finding a psych who can do weekend (sat) or weekday afternoon cuz of work and what happen at my appraisal this year but I know Normally people won’t see 2 psych at one go but is this considered seeing 2 psych at 1 go - taking a break from current psych in person but still having support via email/call and having another psych- is it considered 2 psych at 1 go ?

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Hi @Jelfel !

It’s absolutely okay to take a break from your current psychologist, and receive support via email or call (which I assume will not be in-depth like therapy sessions), while seeing another therapist in session for actual therapy :slight_smile:

It’s only considered seeing 2 mental health professionals at a time (and discouraged to) if you meet them both for therapy sessions concurrently.

For example, a student in school can be receiving therapy sessions outside of school with a psychologist, but have the school counsellor offer adhoc support through short chats or check-ins, it’s not considered concurrent :slight_smile:

Hope this clarifies and I hope you find support from both of them!


Ahhhh okay thanks for letting me know :sob::sob: I was so scared to ask my psych cuz it feels like a taboo to me cuz I know why can’t see 2 in 1 go but I am unsure why so yes thanks for helping :ok_woman:t2::ok_woman:t2: