Am i depressed?

It’s so rare and hard for me to truly laugh and feel happy. Am I depressed? I complain and nit pick about the smallest things. Growing up i never felt much regardless happy or sad but also hardly ever cried. These few years I can cry over sad scenes in shows or even over very petty things. I have a mighty short fuse and it takes a long time for my anger to dispel

Hi @user784,

I’m really so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing these emotions. I can imagine how confusing and frustrating it is to cry so often, and I just want to affirm you that regardless of the crying, your feelings are all valid and real.

Secondly, I’m really proud of you for reaching out on this platform to seek support. It must have taken you a lot of courage to be authentic here, and I commend you for that. While I’m unable to diagnose or provide professional advice on this platform, I can provide you with some helpful information and strategies to help you cope for the time being.

  1. You can try taking a short mental heath assessment here (Take A Free Mental Health Self-Assessment Test | as it can give you an idea of what you are experiencing.

  2. Seek help and support from mental health professionals – they are the ones who can provide a proper diagnosis and personalized strategies for your mental health, and they can process your underlying emotions and help you strengthen your resilience. You could start off with speaking to your teacher, or school counsellor who are accessible / within reach first.

  3. Try to engage in relaxing activities such as journaling, exercising or drawing! These activities can be fun and help you to relax too.

  4. Deep Breathing exercises: Practice deep breathing techniques to help calm your nerves in the moment. Taking slow, deep breaths can reduce physical symptoms of anxiety. You can practice deep breathing here: Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Your Mental Health |

One final thing – if you’re feeling really angry and it takes you a long time to stay calm, you can try out these resources below to help you practice releasing the anger or tension:

I hope you find these suggestions helpful for the time being, but please remember to reach out to a professional if you feel that you cannot cope. Other than that, this community is here for you! Please stay strong and keep us updated on how you’re doing! :blush:

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