Am I good enough?

am I doing good enough as a student? how do I deal with all the work? the pile up.

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hey @user442, thanks for sharing this post! i feel that there are often times where we will be overwhelmed by things and start self-doubting…and i think that’s normal!

why do you think that you aren’t doing good enough? what do you think you have tried doing?

i think one main thing is to always celebrate small successes even if it’s as simple as completing one assignment out of the entire pile. try to give yourself credit for the small things!

about the second part , maybe you can try to take it one step at a time :slight_smile: at one glance, there are a lot of things, and it’s definitely difficult but start with the easiest task! slowly start checking off your list and manage your time well.

if you’re struggling, rmbr to take care of your mental health and talk to your peers or reach out for professional help :slight_smile:

Whether you’re doing good enough depends on whether you’re meeting your own expectations. I think it’s important to keep in mind that it’s okay to change your expectations if it becomes too unachievable.

Maybe if you can share more specifics, some of us here can weigh in more. :relaxed:

Otherwise, here’s a related thread on managing school work: Coping with school

i’m feeling the same way. take it slow and do them one by one!

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Heyy, I get how you’re feeling. It may feel like there is a lot of weight on your shoulders, so take it one step at a time. Also take some breaks in between your schedule. The fresh air would give you a better view of how to manage your work. Jia youuuu!

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it’s really up to you to decide whether you’re good enough. you have to define it yourself. we all have to start some where in the pile. start with something easy or interesting to do!

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Hi there! Some tips here:

  1. Think positively of yourself
  2. Tell yourself “I’m good.”
    3)Your life is not defined by your grades. It’s about your attitude and skills.
  3. When the work is piled up, try to break the work down. Try to do your work as early as possible so that your work will not accumulate too much in the future.

I also feel overwhelmed that my work is piled up but after completing each task, I feel even lighter now. I usually do my work as early as possible so that it will be lighter for me just in case there are more work assigned in the future.

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hey there! i completely understand how you feel and relate strongly. things have been moving at a very fast pace and sometimes we get pushed to our limits. especially with projects and assignments that seem to pile up endlessly. but take this time to rest and make time for your hobbies and interests, it’ll help you relax through this. you got this!

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Hi @user442 ! Hope you’re feeling better now as compared to when you first posted these thoughts. Still, I want to affirm you for sharing your worries through this platform, they are all valid! I believe that you’re doing whatever you can as a student, and that is still a step forward, no matter how big or small those efforts are.

It is daunting to see work pile up, I have been there too (and am currently facing similar sentiments as you, so don’t worry about feeling alone in this :grimacing:). I’m tackling this by writing out all the action items I need to work on before working on them one by one.

No fear! One task at a time, we can do this! :mechanical_arm:

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