Anybody have any advice for doing art as a hobby?

I want to learn the fundamentals of art during my free time at home so I can make something meaningful for myself. I used to do pixel art 2 years back but procrastinated after doing it for awhile and I want to go back into it with proper art skills.


im not artistic, so i struggle with enjoying art as hobby. but i looooove doing number painting!!! i dont have to worry abt the end product cos i cant really mess it up, but the process of filling in the colours, its a brainless process, which means i can zone out and just do the painting worry free. very therapeutic for me hahaha if anyone has any other recommendations of similar hobbies, pls share!!


Just start heh ! At one point in time I was learning to draw I followed reddit threads about art with people posting their work and that got me inspired to try :thinking: These communities sometimes have 30 day challenges or tips and tricks too !

I found a post here for getting started on digital painting: Reddit - Dive into anything

Or you can try r/pixelart if you wanna go back to doing pixel art.

But yeah usually people say you need motivation to take action but I think its taking action that gives you motivation! So just start on a project and slowly work on it at your own pace :smirk:


I can said that I am the opposite side of the situation, I love drawing so much that I need to learn to take a break from it, like I do like to use the few energy I have for drawing for something else that I don’t like do.


@ZA_Flyer can also share your pixel art or any other art pieces here with us! I think motivation also comes from validation from the community haha.

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