August Weekly Challenge #1: Seek therapy or counselling if you need emotional support 💖

Have you been thinking about signing up for therapy/ counselling for a while now, but felt too scared/ apprehensive to take action? :thinking:

This is the sign you need to take charge of your mental wellbeing. :sparkling_heart:

Taking the first step is extremely tough. Perhaps you don’t wish to be vulnerable to a stranger you’ve just met, you can’t find a good time in your busy schedule, or you don’t wish to confront your personal emotions/ feelings as they might get “messy”.

However, if you really wish to make long-term improvements to your mental wellbeing, perhaps it’s worth the effort.

Here’s a list of mental health resources and providers in Singapore, filtered according to your needs, budget and specialisations.

If you’re finding it difficult to take the first step, you’re not alone. You can share your thoughts in this thread, as well as refer to this resource for tips on how to take the first step in taking charge of your mental health.

Good luck, we are all rooting for you! :kissing_closed_eyes: