Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

May i know if cbt really helps in panic attack and anxiety? I have been on medications for these for more than 8 years!


Hi @Applebeier !

Thank you for your question, I think it’s a really good one to help us clarify how CBT works.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been widely recognized as an effective form of therapy for managing panic attacks and anxiety. While medication can be helpful and necessary for some individuals, CBT offers a different approach by focusing on changing patterns of thinking and behaviors that contribute to anxiety.

CBT can be particularly effective in addressing panic attacks and anxiety because it helps individuals recognize and challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs that fuel these feelings. It teaches coping skills, relaxation techniques, and strategies to manage and reduce anxiety symptoms :slight_smile:

Many studies have shown that CBT, either alone or in conjunction with medication, can really reduce symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. It can also provide long-term coping mechanisms to manage these conditions, reducing reliance on medication.

However, every person’s experience with therapy can differ, and some may require a combination of medication and therapy. It’s important for you to work closely with a mental health professional who can tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

If you’ve been on medications for an extended period, it might be worth discussing with your healthcare provider or a therapist the potential of incorporating CBT or other forms of therapy into your treatment plan. They can assess whether CBT or any other specific therapeutic approach could be beneficial for your situation.

Remember, seeking therapy doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop medication abruptly, but rather it can be a complementary approach to managing your anxiety and panic attacks. I highly encourage you to consult with a healthcare professional to explore the best course of action for your mental health journey :slight_smile:

Let us know your next steps and what you plan to do?

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Thank you for your advice!!!

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