Do you believe in affirmations?

Happy New Year everyone! :partying_face:

To start the year on a positive note, I would like to do better in affirming myself of my strengths. Dec 2023 was pretty rough for me so much so that I lost my bearings and questioned my self-worth. Hence, I thought that I should start a new routine in 2024 to note down things that I’m grateful for and what I did well daily. I hope to take on a strengths-based approach this year and have a more positive outlook on my personal growth! :seedling:

If you do believe in affirmations as well, do share what are some that strike you most. If you don’t, I’m also curious to know why!


Yes! I have a box full of quotes and affirmations on my desk that I look at before I start work everyday haha


Hello @indomiegoreng ! Nice user name so hungry now :joy: hmmm I don’t have any yet I guess cos I haven’t really thought about this before.

I guess now is a good time to start hehe. Any advice on where can I start ?


Hello @Jaws that’s really awesome! Do share what’s your favourite quote/affirmation!

Hello to @Otterworldly as well! Hahahahah I feel ya, I can’t say no to indomie. Jokes aside, happy that you’re open to exploring :smiling_face:

Hmm similar to Jaws, I started by collecting a series of quotes that resonated with me, some were from instagram and some from books. However this year, I want to take better records of my personal growth, so I am starting with a reflection at the end of the day- to note that what I’ve done well. Even on the worst of days, there will still be something that we can affirm ourselves on. I’m hoping that this exercise would help frame my mind to focus on the positives :heavy_plus_sign:


Ooo sounds like something that would really help me thank you for sharing heh time to start my self affirmation journey :muscle:t2:


It’s “C’est La Vie” - which is French for “That’s life” or “That’s just how the world works”. I think it helps me take a more neutral & accepting view towards disappointing events in life


Yes as it is very positive way to boost morale.

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