Doesn’t CBT just follow a manual?

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In today’s post on Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), I’d like to cover the myth that CBT is ‘mechanical’ and too manualized!

Again, this is not true as CBT begins with a detailed and deep understanding of the person, and their individual needs in a collaborative and supportive manner. Treatment is developed by the therapist with input from the client to ensure success in therapy.

Look out for the next post then! And feel free to share any questions that you might have about CBT too.

hi! i am curious about CBT. i’ve never received CBT before but my impression is that it’s very structured. Can u further explain why it’s not too manualized pls?

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Hi @anonymous9

Thanks for your question about CBT! There’s some views that treatment with manuals can be ‘manualised’ to a point of just following the protocol/steps completely. That is not true as the manual serves as a guide for the therapist to tailor customised treatment to suit the client’s unique life experience, as therapy is not one size fits all.

If a client feels that the treatment is not working for them, it’s OK to bring it up to the therapist, and then discuss on what’s preventing the therapy from helping the client (which is part of the collaborative process).

I hope that clears it up a bit for you!

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