Eating disorders

I feel like im not deep into ed enough to get help, ive been not able to eat without thinking about calories and sometimes i dont eat just because im scared of gaining weight i dont know how to explain it :frowning:

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Hey @Iloveyunho thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Maybe if you can share with us why are you afraid of gaining weight? So as to help better understand your situation?

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Hello! I just wanna say I relate to you about not eating well! I used to constantly worry about my own weight and body image a lot, and it affected my mental health. You’re really brave for admitting that you may not feel the best at this point of time :hugs:! Although I’m not a professional just wanna encourage you that there are many people who can relate to this feeling (including me!) and you don’t need to feel like you’re alone in this journey :grin:!! You’re amazing just the way you are and don’t be afraid to seek help~!

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Hi @Iloveyunho

Thank you for coming here to share your worries with us. It sounds like you have been bothered with your weight concerns, I wonder if it is an image issue or physical concerns.

Maybe you can share with us how long have you been experiencing this and how has it been affecting you so far. Do know that when you suddenly cut back on food intake, your body may feel weak and fatigue, which could affect your daily routine. While there could be an immediate weight loss, the hunger and cravings could kick in and you might find yourself eating more, which takes you further from your goals.

If you are considering to lose weight due to health reasons or image concerns, it might be helpful to seek a long-term plan that includes essential nutrients and able to sustain long-term effects. Perhaps you can consider speaking with a nutritionist or counsellor to help you work through your concerns.

As to seeking support, it is never too early to seek help if you feel that you have an eating disorder. In fact, I would like to affirm you for being able to identify and reaching out for support. Having constant thoughts about your weight can be an early warning sign already. I hope you are able to get the support you need as early as possible, so there can be intervention when it is still manageable, and possibly improve recovery outcomes.

Do let us know how you are coping, we would really like to support you through this journey. Hope this is helpful, all the best!

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hey, i had an ed in the past and i totally get how youre feeling. i think eating disorders are really good at making us think its not bad enough or that we need to make it worse to be valid but its not true!! i dont think it matters how “bad” it is or what others go through but it does matter that youre feeling stressed about eating and gaining weight :frowning: society makes it really difficult for us to feel comfortable in our bodies! i think the fact that you acknowledged the issue and shared it is already a great first step!! i hope things get better soon