eating problems

trigger warning ed

asking for a friend,
“I’m wondering if I suffer from binge eating disorder or if I’m just spoiled and gluttonous as hell. I can eat an insane remount without feeling full. sometimes I’m not even hungry but I just eat to somewhat fill the void even when there isn’t a void to be filled. I just keep eating. the last two years I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of money on convenience store snacks and all sorts of junk. I messed up my diet real bad. is it normal I don’t want to go back to normal? probably I’m just extremely spoiled right?”

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Hello @anonymous07,

Thank you coming on and seeking support for your friend. :people_hugging: Whether your friend is experiencing a disorder requires an assessment that looks into history and what the symptoms are, typically done by mental health professionals. Has your friend spoken to a doctor about this? Typically, there are treatments available for eating disorders and it helps your friend then to be supported by people who understand the diagnosis, should there be one. Perhaps your friend can consider getting a referral from polyclinic, or seek assistance from:

I wonder when did this start for your friend? Did something happen prior to that? Your friend also mentioned about “filling the void…isn’t a void to be filled” - what does your friend mean by this? Regardless whether he does not want to go back or wonder if he is spoiled, keeping on eating even when not hungry is not sustainable so it is helpful for your friend to seek support. However, it is probably not as clear cut as to whether your friend is open or still considering getting professional help. This is where you have the advantage of being a supportive friend as it allows you to share your opinion in a tactful manner. Or it could just look like you being there for your friend whether this person is ready or not. This might be stressful for you too so remember to take care of yourself - allow yourself to express your emotions, be kind to yourself, and shift (to a more helpful) perspective, when necessary.

And hopefully your friend slowly feels more comfortable and open to try something different (talking to you, talking to a family member, sharing here with the community, talking to a professional, etc.). Know that your friend deserves and can get the support needed. Let us know what you think about this - until then, take care! :slightly_smiling_face:

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