Fear and scared

I scared i got police case
I fear

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heyyy what’s wrong? :slightly_frowning_face:

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What can do ? Can u advice

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(post deleted by author)

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Are you able to share more? We’re here to listen and support you through this difficult time.

Waiting for io to call me .

Hello @Rjosh,

Whatever it is that you’re going through now, I can’t imagine how scary it is for you. :pensive: I want to let you know that given the circumstances, it is valid for you to feel and think they way you do now.

I would also Imagine that it is very difficult for you to disclose further too. This uncertainty must be making you feel really scared… First off, can I check if you are safe - where are you right now? And are you physically ok and unhurt? If you need assistance, do you have someone around that you trust to assist you - are you able to get help if you’re hurt?

It might be helpful if you can take a step back, catch your breath, and see (prioritise) what you can do for yourself at the moment. There’s probably a million things on your mind, so let’s try to be less harsh to yourself and try to shift perspective a little. I wonder how do you normally cope when things get overwhelming for you? Perhaps you can engage in those activities and let’s try to express your emotions in a helpful manner. Are you also able to tap on any other resources to plan for what’s coming? Do you have legal aid if that’s something to consider or necessary at the moment?

With this, hope you can feel slightly better and can share any other info with us - that way, we can see how else we can support you in this difficult time of yours. Hope to hear back from you soon. And I hope things get better for you. :people_hugging:

Ahhh okay gets if you cant share more… I think in face of something related to police case, feeling scared and fearful are very normal responses, especially with how things feels like they are out of your control and there is no clarity on what may happen next.
no matter what may happen coming up, i believe letting the IO or anyone else relevant to the situation know about your concerns will be helpful. Having an idea of what to expect will hopefully put your mind at ease a bit?
We may not have the exact idea of what you are going through, but i most certainly hope you can be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. holler here anytime to share your thoughts. hope things become clearer and less scary for you in time to come…