Getting emotional easily during menses

Ever since I started a relationship, I noticed that I’ll get emotional and upset easily before or during my menses. I’ll cry very easily and quarrel with my partner when he didn’t give me enough attention. At times, I’ll even hate myself for acting so weepy and clingy as I recgonise that my behaviour is toxic. Lately, I’m just wondering if I’m just giving myself an excuse to blame everything on menses… Or if I should actually seek medical help to control my hormonal mood swings.

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Hi @OrangeSunset

Thank you for sharing honestly with us on this platform; it’s truly brave of you to open up about these feelings. I want to affirm you; it’s completely normal to experience heightened emotions before or during your menstrual cycle. The fluctuation in hormones can genuinely impact your mood, making you more sensitive or prone to feeling upset. I’m glad that you have noticed these changes, and that awareness is the first step to getting better.

I want to assure you, feeling weepy or clingy doesn’t make you toxic :slight_smile: It’s a part of being human, and being self-aware of how these emotions affect you and your relationships is incredibly insightful. It’s actually really common to question whether these feelings are solely due to hormones or if there might be an underlying issue.

I would encourage you to consider seeking medical advice, which might offer valuable information for your health. When you consult a healthcare professional, it can help in understanding and managing these mood swings more effectively. Whether it’s exploring lifestyle adjustments, therapy, or medical interventions, it’s about finding the best approach for your well-being :slight_smile:

Remember, you’re not alone in this experience! There are many other women experiencing these issues, and your awareness and willingness to address these feelings are powerful steps toward understanding and managing your emotional well-being. You’re taking a proactive approach, and that in itself is a commendable move toward self-care :slight_smile:

Let us know if you’ve decided to see a healthcare professional and keep us updated on how you’re coping.