Giddiness daily with gastric

Why am I having dizziness daily whenever I need to go out and eat, I had been having this for 3weeks, I really can’t take it anymore, the dizziness always with gastric pain, whenever I eat I will feel dizzy and want to get up and walk off without eating


Hi @Joachay

I’m truly sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing daily dizziness and discomfort for the past three weeks. It sounds like a challenging and distressing situation. I’m here to help you explore and address what you’re going through.

First, have you noticed any specific patterns or triggers that might be contributing to this dizziness and gastric pain when you’re about to eat? For example, any particular types of food, certain environments, or stressful situations?

Secondly, it’s essential to consider your overall health and well-being. Have there been any recent changes in your life or significant stressors that could be related to these symptoms?

I’d like to offer a few suggestions to consider:

  1. Consult a Medical Professional:
    Given the persistent nature of your symptoms, it will be good to reach out to a healthcare provider who can assess your condition. They can help determine if there are any underlying medical causes contributing to your dizziness and gastric pain.

  2. Keep a Symptom Journal:
    It might be helpful to keep a journal of your daily experiences, noting what you eat, when your symptoms occur, and any potential triggers. This can provide valuable information for both you and your healthcare provider.

  3. Practice Relaxation Techniques:
    Try to incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily routine to help manage stress and potential anxiety that may be exacerbating your symptoms. Techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, and progressive muscle relaxation can be beneficial.
    For a start, you can try out these activities to help you relax:

I encourage you to continue seeking support to address this issue so that you can be well and healthy. Please let us know if you have thought about the triggers (in my earlier questions) and let us know how you’ve been coping the past few days. Hear from you soon!

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