Guided meditation session to lower stress and anxiety

Hey Fellow Mindliners,
I have been conducting several guided meditation sessions for a couple of communities online.

How about let’s do a guided meditation session together for 30-45 minutes sometime in the weekend dated 18th - 19th June?

If I can get at least 10 replies or people interested in the session, I will do it for all of you.

Also, please note there is no fees or cost attached to it but kindly do not take it lightly if you plan to RSVP.

Kindly reply to show your interest in the free guided meditation session in English.

Preferred timings:
Venue: Online
Dates: Saturday /Sunday - 18/19th June 2023
Time slots:
A. 7AM to 9 AM
B. 6 PM to 7:30 PM
C. 10 PM to 11 PM

Thanks in advance fellow mindliners.


Hi! Keen on finding out more about this meditation session :slight_smile: What does it entail and do you use your own resources?

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I will be using my own resources for conducting the session.

About the meditation session:

  • It will be a guided visualisation process including a simple breathwork to work on our stored emotions and feelings.

Let me know if you need more context to decide for the session. There are several other ways to conduct it as well.

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