November Weekly Challenge #3: Rate your stress level from 1 to 10

Hi, mindliners! The end of the year is fast approaching - a good time for us to engage in some self-reflection. For this week’s challenge, I’d like to ask you:
When did you last check in with yourself? :thinking:

Take a step back and think about what’s going on in your life. What would you rate your stress level, from 1-10? (1 being not stressed at all, 10 being extremely, super stressed).

Are you overly stressed? Is this the place you want to be in the long run? What are some strategies you can use to cope with the stress? :thought_balloon:

If you feel like you need a quick release of stress, do try out this 4-minute stress-relieving exercise! :ocean:

YARN | You're not having a breakdown. It's stress. | Inside Out (2015) | Video clips by quotes | 05f75397 | 紗