January Weekly Challenge #1: Let's stretch for 5 minutes!

Happy new year, mindliners! :fireworks: :sparkles: How did you start off your year?

Year-end vacations are great for refueling our energy for the new year, but getting back into the groove of school and work after a break may require some time. Here’s something we can do to help ease this process for ourselves:

Before you start your day, or whenever you need a quick break after sitting at your desk and staring at your computer for hours on end, try this quick, simple 5-minute stretch routine for a quick energy boost! It also helps to improve your posture, flexibility and mobility!

Share how you feel before vs after the this quick stretching routine in the thread below!

Disney — Stretch your stuff and fluff.


Hi!! Decided to take a break from doing my CAs and my entire body felt really sore and tight. Doing the stretches made me feel a lot more energized and taking a break, looking away from my screen helped me feel a lot more relaxed :blush:

Happy new year one and all, I did a good 10 minutes stretch today!
Doing this good long stretch pulls myself away from the school work and it feels refreshing. :muscle: :muscle: :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm:

I feel very good thank you for the stretching exercise, I feel less tense #blessed

Hi, I tried these stretches and I feel amazing that I was able to sit some of school work. I feel way better after these stretches as they calm me down

i felt quite fatigued before and after doing the routine, i feel more rejuvenated!

It feels great to stretch like this again. Did this as a kid regularly and was less prone to injuries. I’ll try to incorporate this in my routine as it helps my body :slightly_smiling_face: