October Weekly Challenge #2: Treat yourself!

Contrary to popular marketing tactics or “wellness” fads, engaging in self-care activities don’t take too long to do, and can be free!

Your challenge would be to engage in a self-care activity on one of the days of the week.

Here are some 5-minute self-care activities you can do- free-of-charge! They are so effortless, yet so rewarding as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. Check in on yourself. Acknowledge all your emotions- the positive and the negative ones, and validate what you’re feeling :people_hugging:

  2. Make a gratitude list :memo: (Try this 4-minute gratitude practice exercise!)

  3. Go for a walk! :national_park:

  4. Journal for 5 minutes :writing_hand: (Here are some easy journaling prompts you can try!)

  5. Play your favourite song :notes:

What is your to-go self-care activity? What did you decide to try today? How do you feel before and after conducting the self-care activity?

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