How has 2023 been like for you?

As the year is coming soon to a close, I can’t help but reflect upon what I’ve achieved this year. Looking through the list of resolutions that I set for 2023, I can’t say that I’ve made much progress on it. :see_no_evil: However, looking back I’ve made surprising progress on other aspects of my life as well, even when it wasn’t part of my list of resolutions. Maybe I am just growing in my own way :seedling:

Curious to hear how everyone’s year has been like! Let’s do a poll!

  • Achieved most of the things in my New Year’s Resolution :honeybee: :muscle:t2:
  • Growing in my own way :seedling: :sunflower: :cherry_blossom:
  • Floating by this year but I survived 2023! :partying_face: :raised_hands:t2:
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