How to study and at the same time enjoy urself

as studying alone is quite dry and boring, how do I add interest in it to be motivated to study and find studying fun?


Can try to do pop quizzes with your classmates in different topics. It seems like teaching others help you absorb the content in a quicker way too.

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Since you mentioned that studying alone is boring, maybe you could form a study group with some of your friends to make it more interesting?


hello! i agree that studying can be boring especially when u dont like the subject. are there any things that u like? e.g music, food, bubble tea etc

maybe they can serve as a motivation! perhaps one way is to play some music while studying to allow u to focus, but if u cant focus when there’s noise around, then another way is to study call (but on mute) other than friends, u can also do discord study calls or u can watch study with me shows!

i guess there’s no real way to make it “fun” since its hard to change our perspectives of studying, so try to make it more bearable by adding company, or maybe a change of atmosphere! u can try studying at cafes, do cafe hopping, libraries, parks, u name it!

but whilst studying, remember to take breaks and chill :slight_smile:


My favourite place to study is at McDonald’s :fries: while listening to lo-fi beats.

Try this: Spotify

I agree, studying on your own can get so dreary sometimes. Maybe you wanna try thinking about how you learn best & what keeps u engaged - do u respond better to visuals, plain text, or audio? i find that i learn best via visuals so i enjoy making mind-maps and making them colorful, that makes studying a lot funner for me. i know of friends who are more engaged by audio so they would go onto youtube and find videos related to the topic.

like what the others have already mentioned as well, gathering a grp of friends to study with could help you with motivation as well - you could take short breaks here and there together.

when i’m studying at home, i also like to play study with me videos in the background. these usually include a range of BGMs - you can select one that works best for u! here’s one that i like, but there are a ton out there: 🌿 3-HOUR STUDY MUSIC PLAYLIST/ relaxing Lofi / Cozy Evening DEEP FOCUS POMODORO TIMER/ Study With Me - YouTube



I can fully understand that studying alone can be dry and boring. Perhaps, you can try looking for study buddies so that you can help one another out or chat about non-school stuff to relieve the boredom (or stress)!

If you’re someone who doesn’t get distracted by music easily, you can try jamming to your favourite music too! Find your favourite genre and create a playlist :slight_smile:
Remember to take breaks as you study too, you will feel more productive.


I feel like the best way to study and enjoy yourself is to study with your friends but you must be careful not to get distracted. I think you guys can set a limit like study for 2 hours and take a mental break of 30mins to do something (go walk around, get a drink)

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I think you can study with your friends and learn together. Its nice to joke around once in a whille but not too much. If you prefer studying alone listening to some music while doing work and rewarding yourself after with an incentive like having a break to do what u enjoy.

This way you can help your friends and they can help u with studying. The other way benefits you such that you feel more motivation to study and finish it to be able to have a nice reward of your own later :slight_smile:

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Its hard these days. But i try to make short notes and use it for revisions

Hi @user443 ! Thank you for sharing about your struggle in finding the motivation to study alone. Perhaps it would help to think about why you’re studying and how it ties to what you would like to achieve from doing this.

Personally, I do face this quite often. Hence what I would do is get into the flow where I feel entirely absorbed in my tasks at hand. Here’s an article on it, hope you will find it useful!

All the best in finding the motivation to study, you got this! :mechanical_arm:

using different methods to help u learn the topic better may help! e.g. online games or quizzes relating to the topic you are learning

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