I am stressed about school

School is starting i am stressed about schoolwork

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Hey @gorgeous, what specifically are you stressed about? Is it the unfamiliar schoolwork that you’ll be doing? Or are you worried about the overwhelming workload? Or are you concerned about grades etc?

My advice is take one step at a time. Schoolwork doesn’t finish by itself.
Don’t be afraid of going slow, but be afraid of standing still.
For me, i wld force myself to do 1 question even if it meant doing it anyhow. Maybe on that day you feel so lazy or tired that your brain cant reqlly cooperate. No problem, go back to that schoolwork after a few days. One thing you have right now is time. So there’s always time for you to learn. Schoolwork is also a form of revision, i can see why you dont like it haha! Likewise for me. But what i think is most important is to just do it. As long as you put in the effort, something is better than nothing.