School problems

I really dont want to go back to school school starts tomorrow and im afraid and dreading it i have no friends and im alone i am afraid of how people are gonna look at me and talk behind my back i have been overthinking non stop because of this thing

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Hi @Strawberryicecream, thanks for coming to our forum!

I can understand that the thought of going back to school can be really overwhelming, especially if you’re feeling alone and worried about how others might perceive you. It’s completely normal to have these concerns. Can you tell me more about what specifically is causing you to feel this way? Are there any particular situations or interactions that you’re particularly anxious about?

Hey @Strawberryicecream ! How have you been doing so far? Would you like to share more about your experiences in school?

Understandably school life may be daunting, especially without the social support, but do reach out to the people you trust to share about the feelings and thoughts that you have! People may not be as judgemental as they seem and it is okay to be seen alone! Feel free to raise any concerns you may have, else I would suggest you join more interest groups to find people with similar interests! it may be of help :smile: do sound out if you are feeling overwhelmed!

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